Argg What Should I Do?!

GunPei2X said:
christo930 said:
If you just want MAME and comic book reader on the go, then I would stick with the wiz.
For a comic reader, the Wiz's screen will be incredibly small. If it's just MAME and that, I'd probably recommend grabbing an F200 off eBay.

I didn't realize how high rez the comics are. OTOH, the Pandora's screen is so high rez that it's probably not very useful at full resolution. I imagine the fonts are so small that you have to increase their size and then you loose the high res feature anyway. I was going to buy a full vga PPC until I saw one and realized that I could never read on that screen very long at native resolution without getting a headache. I am assuming that the Pandora screen is about the same size as a ppc screen turned sideways. Increase that from 320 to 800 and you have letters that are very tiny (about 200DPI?)

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I have a Toshiba G900 mobile that has a 3", 800x480 screen. For reading comics, although the screen is a bit small for prolonged use, resolution is perfect for viewing in landscape mode and everything is quite legible. I expect Pandora to be even better at this. People do have different thresholds for the length of time they can stare at a small fixed area though, so I understand why a lot of people wouldn't want to read books or comics on a small screen.