What Is Ninty Up To?


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Dec 13, 2004

I thought this was interesting, doesn't reveal to much, other than some patents and some pictures, but look at the first picture.

If this turns out to be yet another redesign of the DS, i would start to wonder about Nintendo. I mean, is Nintendo hurting for money so badly that they have to redesign the system for a 3rd time to get potential double sales or triple sales, or just to reach more people? Or are they maybe anticipating a bad outing for the Revolution and want a redisgned or new DS as a back up??

All my own speculation here since the article doesn't really reveal to much. But i like the first picture, thats how I would've liked to see the DS look from the beginning, except keeping the x and y buttons.
Since the patent was originally drafted in July 2004 and filed in July 2005, it is possible it could be a prototype for the DS

the only thing new here is the 2 points of contact recognition which I'm not sure any touch pad/screen can even do, though they might have thought they could get around that with an add on cart just like the rumble cart.
Hurting for money? The DS is a world success, it had shortages in japan and already people are importing the lite version as they can't wait, man..
looky here


kotaku said:
The kids at DS Advanced caught a potential big fish while trolling the US Patent and Trademark Office’s online patent database. The patent outlines functionality similar to a patent that Apple made headlines for, one that allows for multiple touchscreen inputs at once. It just so happens that the associated patent images look quite like a Nintendo DS, with a few notable changes.

Check out more details (‘cause reading patents is FUN!) below.

Edit: After reading the patent application myself, it looks like there are some old dates associate with this application, namely the filing date (July 19, 2005) and the foreign application date (Jul 29, 2004). So, while not new, it may provide some insight into what may be coming down the line.

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feb 2 2006? Are you sure that one wasnt a photoshop? Well anyway I stick to my belief that it's all early Prototypical blather and ideas for stuff we'll never really see anytime soon, covering their bases so that they can sue anyone that comes up with a similar idea. They might make a cart that will alow the touch screen to notice two contact points for a starfox game but that's assuming it can be donewith the current hardware without having to introduce another new version of the console with this minor additional feature.