What have you bought recently?

A new pair of sunglasses. I wanted the pair with blue mirror lenses and Peony wanted the pair with purple mirror lenses. Guess who won the debate. :|


I recently decided to stop using disposable rubbish, and bought a "safety" razor: https://muehle-shaving.co.uk/products/r89-safety-razor

And I love it. It cuts through 4 days of stubble like a hot knife through butter. It cut through half my face too, but as smooth as butter.

Cool I have one from my grandpa :D (Im thorroughly bearded though so no need for it to touch my face)
(I actually have an evolution in razors from my grandpa, I also have 2 of his single blade knifes)
I've recently gone down the "Midori Traveler's Notebook" rabbit hole - wasn't even aware of it until recently, and surprised to find such an assorted community around "modded" notebooks. Decided I might make my own, as they are basically a strip of leather, four (or 16, if you want to be fancy) holes, and some elastic chords...

The rabbit hole also took me here: https://roterfaden.de/en/shop/taschenbegleiter/ where there are some awesome(ly niche) notebook covers. I really like the philosophy they have of not being proprietary (you can use any type of document/book/whatever in their products, and materials are both locally sourced (in Germany) and repurposed/recycled. Although they are ridiculously expensive.

Campmaster Ultralight Hiking Stove Ultra Jet 1.​

its a jetboil clone i think , got good reviews in the local caravan and camping forum... 1/3 the price of a jetboil.


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These are things i bough in the last few weeks, but ditnt had the time to make a picture..
- a 12 liter Deuter Backpack, a Foldable Fold Camping Stool, (Will get use for my Sunday Hiking Tours to the top of our lokal Montain Industrie Montain as there are no banches up there..
a 10.000 mah Anker Nano Powerbank, its this new one whit the USB C Lead Build in and USBC and USBA Ports,
And this Wristband for my Garmin Instinct 2 Solar as i was not that happy whit the other thirty Party Band i had bevore ..

Now to the Pictures:

A book for Peony.

Don't be alarmed if you hear about a sudden increase in the number of people being turned into newts.
A small food dehydrator made by WMF. It's currently filled with marinated beef. I love biltong/jerky. The American style jerky you can buy in our grocery store costs about five eurons for 24 grams (0.85 ounces) and is rather disgusting, so I'll make my own from now on.