What have you bought recently?

A new pair of sunglasses. I wanted the pair with blue mirror lenses and Peony wanted the pair with purple mirror lenses. Guess who won the debate. :|


I recently decided to stop using disposable rubbish, and bought a "safety" razor: https://muehle-shaving.co.uk/products/r89-safety-razor

And I love it. It cuts through 4 days of stubble like a hot knife through butter. It cut through half my face too, but as smooth as butter.

Cool I have one from my grandpa :D (Im thorroughly bearded though so no need for it to touch my face)
(I actually have an evolution in razors from my grandpa, I also have 2 of his single blade knifes)
I've recently gone down the "Midori Traveler's Notebook" rabbit hole - wasn't even aware of it until recently, and surprised to find such an assorted community around "modded" notebooks. Decided I might make my own, as they are basically a strip of leather, four (or 16, if you want to be fancy) holes, and some elastic chords...

The rabbit hole also took me here: https://roterfaden.de/en/shop/taschenbegleiter/ where there are some awesome(ly niche) notebook covers. I really like the philosophy they have of not being proprietary (you can use any type of document/book/whatever in their products, and materials are both locally sourced (in Germany) and repurposed/recycled. Although they are ridiculously expensive.

Campmaster Ultralight Hiking Stove Ultra Jet 1.​

its a jetboil clone i think , got good reviews in the local caravan and camping forum... 1/3 the price of a jetboil.


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These are things i bough in the last few weeks, but ditnt had the time to make a picture..
- a 12 liter Deuter Backpack, a Foldable Fold Camping Stool, (Will get use for my Sunday Hiking Tours to the top of our lokal Montain Industrie Montain as there are no banches up there..
a 10.000 mah Anker Nano Powerbank, its this new one whit the USB C Lead Build in and USBC and USBA Ports,
And this Wristband for my Garmin Instinct 2 Solar as i was not that happy whit the other thirty Party Band i had bevore ..

Now to the Pictures: