What do you recommend for multi-player gaming?


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Dec 19, 2011
Bavaria, Germany
Hi guys,

I'm looking for advice what games / emulators are suitable for multiplayer games. I mean such kind of games where two (or even more) persons each have one controller and simultanously control one game character.

I realize some of the emulators are able to use Wiimotes. Just tried with the SNES emu and it works like a charm. However, the Wiimote seems to do the same as the Pandora's own gaming controls.

I also have an external USB gamepad and a USB "Competition Pro" joystick. Both work well with "Giana's Return".

So, what can I do with that equipment? Do you know any games / emus that allow simultanous multi-player gaming with those controls I mentioned?

I'd connect the Pandora to the TV via TV-Out, so no problems with staring on the small Pandora screen while one player uses the Pandora's gaming controls.

Thanks, Remood is not an option, because I want to play with my daughters (6 and 10 years old). ;-)

I don't have an ICP, so only the mentioned controllers should be used.

Will have a look at Compo4all MAME (is there any difference in local multi-player features compared to other MAME ports?  I don't need the online competition part).

Can you recommend some MAME-compatible games for two players, that are suitable for age 6-10?

Super Mario War sounds good. I guess this needs to be played in one of the emulators? Which one?

PCSX and Picodrive (tried MD.emu already, but this one doesn't seem to allow usage of two controllers simultanously) - what games can you recommend?
Opentyrian has 2 player arcade mode.. I haven't enabled c4all on that game mode though.
Great, thanks! Will try this tomorrow.

Have installed Picodrive and "World of Illusion" already, seems to be a good game for children, and I got it working in a way. 

I can control Donald with the Pandora's controls, but the game pad controls not only Mickey, but both Mickey and Donald simultanously. Strange. Will need to investigate.
Super Mario War is great. It recognizes the Joystick and game pad flawlessly, so we can now play all three together.  :)

Do you know other games that work like that? 

Need to try SuperTuxKart. On the Mac, it supports multi-player mode. Maybe also on the Pandora...