What are you playing this weekend/these days?

The base game is fun but from the "tactical" point of view it's pretty basic except for a few missions.
This can change a lot if you think the game is a "Dungeon Simulator" and not a "Real Time Strategy" game.

For example in the second game there's an entire campaign called "My Pet Dungeon", where the point is just to build stuff. (A similar campaign is present on KeeperFX too.)
I've never been able to go very far into Majora's Mask because of this.
I also don't like the fundamental idea behind the masks - to be transformed away from Hylian Link into some other type of Link that almost certainly doesn't control as well. I love how Hylian Link controls and wish eg Deku Link, with primitive controls and silly moves, didn't exist.
The Villain Simulator. Peony and I have been showing people what happens when you fill in your tax return incorrectly testing out the new game mechanics in the latest version.


Edit: List of new features
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Just finished Hands of Necromancy and its expansion, an original GZDoom engine game. 3 hub level based episodes that each connect to a few levels via teleporter, each hub followed by 2 or 3 linear levels. Gameplay balance and sprite quality could be better. I got lost a good few times running in circles - my sense of orientation isn't the best I guess. Enemy types are varied enough and depending on their composition can mess you up really quick. There's a bunch of secrets to find, which I like a lot. A number of inventory items help you out along the way. In the sound department - SFX lack oomph, so waepons don't really feel as powerful as they could. There should be more enemy audio tells, and sounds for projectiles going past. The original soundtrack is quite palatable, there could be a few more songs though. Player transformations into different enemy types are a neat idea and liven up combat, and are necessary for advancement by use of their special abilities. Well worth the cheap price I payed. Recommended for boomer shooter fans. :D

Also a new level has been released for Eviction, a brilliant mod for Blood. It's a must play for fans. Runs only in nblood because of added features and increased caps for - I think - level size and object count. Impressive stuff! It's a nice challenge because you don't get random health drops from enemies, they're all placed by hand instead.
Palworld (GPD Win Mini)
Runs at 20 fps on 15 watts tdp, but its still playable, only when my 2 support Pals are firing there nightmare beams, it might get a bit slower...
Quite awesome Game, allthough it might be they took a bit too much inspiration from Pokemon for the Pals, but well, Pokemon is a Ripoff of the Hobby of some Japanese Peaple to catch and collect insects ..
Im now Level 20, my Base is now much too small, so i have to search for a new area, , and my Material Management is also not the best, .. but i did deveat the first Tower Boss, and the first World Boss, (this one was also catched by me ^^ ) , i think in the next step i have to catch one of these flying pals so i get an Fly Mount which would be quite usefull
Might be i did play too much on weekend..
Finished HROT, an old school FPS
At first I wasn't sure whether I should get this because of the drab look. But it makes sense and it manages not to get boring visually. It's an FPS with short-ish levels that wants to remind you of Quake.
The weapons are okay, the shotguns and grenade launcher are the clear winners here. Found myself only using the machine pistol when I was out of shells. It's effective, but just lacks the satisfying, punchy audio goodness and instant gratification of the aforementioned two weapons.
Apart from enemies just lounging around in your path, there's quite a number of monster closets and sometimes monsters just teleport into the few arena-like areas you come across.
I wasn't expecting to laugh out loud, but I did quite a few times. Not only because of the humorous details, enemies or bosses, but also for how deviously a bunch of the secrets are hidden. This one is great if you love secret hunting.
Had a great time, money well spent. :D

Finished Warp Frontier, a science fiction point and click
Oh, what a shame. This game looks great, sounds good, has great voice acting. There's good characters and dialogues with some good humor. The premise is awesome, and I'm a sucker for sci-fi. And suck me in it did in the beginning, as it starts off in a very promising way. But...

The puzzles are the most uninspired I've seen in a point and click. 5 times cut something with your knife. 5 times glue something with your unnecessary two different kinds of adhesive. And that process you do twice on different occasions to seal a hull leaking atmosphere.
Then there's light logic puzzles that have you plug and unplug fuses what felt like dozens of times, while walking through the same drab underground tunnel. And later in the game use your robot assistant dozens of times, in the same way again and again. All that includes a lot of the same animations playing, so those get old really fast. The same goes for interacting with a little text menu to control your space ship. Click-clickety-click, listen to you character voice the order to the ship, listen to your ship repeat/confirm your order, watch the ship move in three to four different little animation sequences. Yes, you can click to skip two of those sequences, and the same goes for dialog. But it gets annoying very quickly.

Thankfully the character will speed walk on double click, so that's a times saver. And I mean it when I say speed walk: He did not get a run animation, instead his regular walking one is played at a much higher speed. That makes him look like an absolute dolt and is almost funny again. Thankfully the game has a very good hint system, that nudges you in the right direction step by increasingly clear step. That's a brilliant feature I would love to see in every adventure game.

If you're a sci-fi superfan, a hungry devourer of point and clicks and find it on a discount, it's recommended. Otherwise steer clear. :|
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Just finished Miasmata. You're stranded on an island. And you're infected by a plague. Hence you're slow, weak and quickly out of breath. Use a compass to start mapping out the island by triangulating your position or that of landmarks in the distance. Pick up clues as where to find plants needed to synthesize an antidote, strenthening concoctions and restorative medicines. Fill up your flask at freshwater supplies, and avoid getting caught out in the dark. There may also be something that stalks the island...

The way movement is handled really makes you think twice about taking shortcuts through treacherous terrain. The weather and lighting is done pretty well. Recommended if you like a chill exploration game. Pleasantly different! :)
Booted my PS3 again for a bit of Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi, had a lot of fun slashing and squashing and mashing around...
Oh House Party, saw this a few years ago in an Lets Play, its a bit NSFW ..
So i did continue Poke... ähm i mean Palworld on Win Mini this weekend, last weekend i was preparing the Mass Produktion of Ammo for my Pistol, which takes quite long and needs lots of Items, so i think i will have to build up an Mine Farm next weekend,
these Item Crafting, Mass Produktion, and upgrading System is quite fun ^^
House Flipper. got some of the DLC a while ago and had a go this weekend.. gardening is a lot easier in game than real life...lol
Got to set up a paint ball arena in a bunker...
Talking about NSFW, I rediscovered the following game.


Just finished The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk (Der letzte Windmönch)

- a point and click adventure. If I had to complain about one thing it's the slow pace at which the icons for the dialogue options are displayed and removed one after the other.
But everything else here is good. Didn't even find a single typo in the German version. It's beautifully drawn and animated. The puzzles are varied and imaginative. The clue system is of the step-by-step variant and very elaborate. Music is nice. Voice acting in the German version is well done. I whole-heartedly recommend this title and its predecessor. At the moment available for a very low price on Steam.