What are you playing this weekend/these days?

I beat shadow temple, freed the carpenters, now all I have to do is finish racing the frog then eye drops to the big goron and I’ll get the biggoronsword. But now that I’m much better at fencing having practiced with stalfos I’m thinking the biggoronsword might make it too easy and less fun.
I've just completed the PowerWash Simulator Tomb Raider DLC and there has been nary a sight of a butler. 0/10 am disappoint.

In better news, I've finished my first Peglin run in four tries defeating the dragon in the process.

I did start whit No Man´s Sky on Steamdeck yesterday,
Played most of the free Day, and did quite enjoy this game
I did test Normal, Creativ and Chilling Gamemode, and play now on Chill ..
Allready fix my Ship, build a Base, and made a bit research, i also fixed an Alien Ship i found randomly, and did visit a Space Station, but wasnt able to buy something as im still too poor ..
then i shoot some Asteroids but accidently hit a Freight Ship so i got some bounty as a Space Pirate ^^

THis Game plays perfektly on Steamdeck, whit its Standbye Mode you can explore the Space whenever you have time, and you could even take the Steamdeck on the ISS whit you and play there .. (did a quick research, Steamdeck is 600g and 1 kg would cost 7000 € to bring to space)
I almost finished (again) MAD MAX, still one of the best games for me, I like a lot the setting, the atmosphere, the combat, both on foot and on wheels, and the size of the world... it really gives a sense of openness.

Considering how well every single location was made, with the visible love for the movies, with a lot of details and all, I wonder why there are so few interactive things to do... there are a lot of unique, but empty buildings, that I like to explore just to examine them, but there is nothing to actually do inside.

Anyway compared to games like Skyrim or Fallout (3+) that have a lot to do everywhere, their locations are 80% copy pasted in every city / dungeon (in particular with always the same "secret passage rock" that was introduced from Oblivion), so exploration in those games resulted somehow less rewarding for me...

In MAD MAX the only things that I find repetitive are the optional missions, that are anyway not required to be finished to max out the statistics of the main character... but at least car races are so fun that I can play just with them forever, like if it was just a destruction derby game.

A little more diversification in optional missions and a little more RPG stuff (just a little more), and it could have been really a game of the year (at least).
Siren, a DOOM mod/total conversion, sci-fi horror. So far the 1st episode is available. It's a bit buggy and loaded with spelling mistakes, but I love the mood. It's challenging, you better look for secrets on the higher difficulties.

Edit 2023-10-30
Finished the MARROW mod for BLOOD. Very well done ten levels with an original music track for each of them. Highly recommended!

Edit 2023-10-31
Finished Ion Fury Aftershock. It's as good as the Base Game. Loved every minute of it. Also learned that the secondary attack from your melee weapon is OP, as it stunlocks (all?) enemies to death. Perfect for the big melee brutes.

Edit 2023-11-10
Fate of the Damned - another brand-new and awesome Blood mod with original soundtrack.
Edit: This one is very difficult. Only play this if you're a Blood pro and/or want to suffer. Despite four episodes showing up in the menu, only the first two are finished and playable.

Edit 2023-11-13
Went back to Primordia and finally finished it. I love Wadjet Eye games. The best in my book being Technobabylon.

Edit 2023-11-14
Finished Tangle Tower. A lovely, largely heart-warming murder mystery and puzzle game. Great voice acting, music and visuals, especially character animations. Difficulty is between easy and moderate, never needed a walkthrough. Just noticed that I already own the previous title: Detective Grimoire. Edit: Finished that, too.
They have a new game in the making: Crow Country, a survival horror... gonna check out the demo. Edit: Looking forward to it, atmospheric, humorous
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Probably a totally different kind of game, but - since Vikings - reminds me of Bad North. You should play that next. It's rather nice.
Put a few hours in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead - a crafting-heavy roguelike survival game that revolves around surviving the zombie apocalypse.
To play the game for free you can install an older version from e.g. official ubuntu repo, or use one of the launchers that download the latest versions, like Catapult. It's also available on Steam for a price.
I was changing back to Switch Lite on Sunday from Switch Oled, because i like its look and feel much more so i did play a bit stuff:
Quake 2 Switch,
Did play a few Levels, works quite perfektly, i have to remember that its a quite fast Shooter, so i have to play like its a Quake3 against NPCs ..
This Port even contains the N64 Version of Quake2..
Then a bit Truck and Logistic Simulator, its maybe not that good as the real Euro Truck Simulator from the Driving Point of View, but whit different Vehikles, and you have to load your own Truck whit a Forklift or other tools..
GTA3 Devective Edition, did play this Mission on the second island where you have to Race to different Telephones, but did fail quite often.. this was the Mission because of it i dit cancel the Game on the Original PC back then..
I think i will try again on the Switch2 wen the Controlls are better..
Then the first level of Kirby Return to Dreamland, i had the plan to play this on my Jump and Run Challenge Project but well, this never happened..

At this point i ditnt had more Games downloaded on the Switch Lite, i had used the SD Cart on another Projekt so i had to put the Switch Oled SD Card there..