What Are You Playing Right Now?

I yam currently playing:

- Judge Dredd (silly)

- Super Mario Brothers 1
- Contra (bestest game)

- Zelda - Link to the Past but I'm stuck because of a transparencies issue. I'm in that castle next to the desert and I'm facing down the triple snake boss, but I can't see any of the projectiles they're throwing at me so I keep getting my ass handed to me.
- Blackthorne (coool)

Incidentally, and apropos of nothing, I am playing Oblivion on my PC.
I'm on the last level of Links Awakening DX (GBC) even though I've played it before :)

zoo keeper EDIT: I mean Tilematch
phoenix on mamegp2x
sensible soccer on DrMD
slicks on vice


sega arcade gallery (oturun) on gpsp
namco museum (pole position) on gpsp
astro boy on gpsp
street fighter alpha 3 on cps2psp


devils crash (gp engine)
motocross maniacs (gb)


Tetris (Wi-fi match)

original Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr.
Lets keep this thread going. I love hearing what you guys are playing.

I am playing:-

SquidgeSNES: Rock 'n' Roll Racing
This is an isometric racer with vehicle and weapon upgrades. Very well balanced gameplay and incredible soundtrack. Soundtrack includes: Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Born to Be Wild, Bad to the Bone and Peter Gunn. Available on Megadrive/Genesis also, but soundtrack and sound fx don't sound nearly as good. Game saves freezed for me on Squidge if I saved at main menu (be warned), but saves worked on other screens.

cps2emu: Aliens vs Predator
This is a scrolling beat 'em up on crack. Incredible introduction to CPS2 gaming on the GP2X. If you haven't tried cps2emu yet, give it a go.

GnGeo: Baseball Stars 2
Very pick up and play and wonderful over the top presentation, e.g. players will often snap their bat in half if they strike out, they will grin cheekily if they catch a player out, great commentating and use of sound.

MAME GP2X: Commando
I love how well the GP2X plays classic games in vertical mode. I have always wanted to flip my computer monitor on its side, but this is the next best thing and blew me away at how good it was at doing this.

VICE2X (Commodore 64): IK+
Need overclocking to play this game properly, but boy do I love it. It's a 3 man beat 'em up with every man for himself. As long as you don't come last in points, you go to the next round. This makes the game interesting strategically and the sound track is incredible. Go SID chip!
*Question 1: Has someone got a 16-bit version of IK+ running (Amiga or Atari ST)?
*Question2: Does it run better in Frodo?
i have been playing pang, supertux (beat it), and conny the carrot (i hav probably beaten it 30+ times). i play super mario war on my linux pc so i will probably install that on my gp2x soon. as far as emulation, i just play super mario world.
I'm not really playing anything on the GP2X right now (aside from "Pick up and play" games every once in a while).

However, for Saturn I'm playing Albert Odyssey and the occasional Panzer Dragoon and NiGHTS. :)

After Albert Odyssey, it'll be either a PSX game on PSP or a GBA game... And maybe I'll check out that CPS2 emu for GP2X--I hear it's good. :)
finished chaos engine on megadrive - stood the test of time very well that one

now i'm on shining force

also, am just starting to fiddle with cps2. really nice so far. impressive.
Donkey Kong Country - SquidgeSNES

What clock speed?

Runs at 240, but I prefer 265 since it runs a bit better that way, either way its playable.

Has been great at 265 except for the "Rare" logo in the beginning doesn't show up quite right and I'm currently on the Slipslide Ride stage, which stutters a bit and Snow Barrel Blast stutters a bit once it starts snowing too, but before that the game runs near perfect.
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Major Havoc on MAME, as per skeezix's game challenge suggestion.

Also Blingo, Carrier Command on OutcaST, Alien Breed on uae4all, and Aliens on c64.
Good to know DKC runs ok when overclocked as I wasn't going to bother playing this game at all (heard negative reports re performance).
- Powermanga
- Tile Match
- New Zealand Story (picodrive)
- NHL 94 (picodrive)
- a whole bunch of Sega Master System games, for about 1.3 minutes each (Alex Kidd)

- Oblivion (just completely hotrodded my rig, so finally feel like I'mplaying the 'real' Oblivion)
- Far Cry (see previous)
- Dragon Quest VII (via EPSXE)

Oblivion is the real time sink though. Can't believe that it wasn't universal game of the year for '06.
MAME GP2X: Commando
I love how well the GP2X plays classic games in vertical mode. I have always wanted to flip my computer monitor on its side, but this is the next best thing and blew me away at how good it was at doing this.
For your next pc monitor get one of those LCD jobbies that rotate 90°. I love playing those old vertical games this way.