Wait For Ds Homebrew

With the amount of memory its got, I'd say about $50+ but no higher than $80. Having said that, I've neevr tried any of the homebrew stuff on the ds. I've visited websites but haven't tried it cause there was nothing that made me want to do it the old way to play homebrew. But with this I may give it a try. What's the DS' homebrew like anyway?
that thing looks brilliant, and no confusing cartridge/card setup. thing is, am i right thinkin it only has 512mb memory? to me that dont seem very much, and surely it cant be upgraded?
512mb or 4Gb or whatever, its alot, alot more than 128mb smc, and for homebrew it would probably hold everything plus alot more, even for emulation 512mb is going to hold alot. Comparing to what I use my Gp32 for, 512 would be enough for me for homebrew and emulation.
Only 512 MB?? I'm currently using a 2 GB card with my Supercard. Half of that for DS Games (about 32 or so) the other half for NES/GBA/GB/GBC/SMS/Colecovision/a few mp3s (through Moonshell) and enough space set aside for at least 1 full movie with Moonshell.

And with the new stuff coming out every week, I only wish it was bigger.

But at least I have the option of slapping in another cheap sd card.

Moonshell makes the DS extreemly versatile. One of the best killer aps for the DS homebrew scene, but with 1 movie clocking in at about 300 mb the usefullness of this device, while looking snazzy, and purporting to be "idiot proof" is negligable.

Theres been a great push forward in recent months on the DS homebrew scene, but I just dont see the capacity of this unit as being acceptable when it does'nt offer expandability.

I can understand folks who are into the GP32 saying to themselves-"hey! Im used to having 128 mb smcs that should be enough". Trust me, for the DS it really isnt. The DS scene has moved beyond the usefullness of non expandable flash cards. I would maybe be happy with one for just homebrew (though not for moonshell..that's about what I carry for mp3s and 1 movie), But not for Homebew/emulation. :rolleyes:

It looks like a cool product, but its about a year or so late compared with comparable solutions( e.g like M3 or Supercard SD). Seriously who even thinks about flash cards with megabit projections anymore?? Show me a unit with 512 onboard AND accepting SD cards and you'll have me considering one....maybe :p

Update: I just ran over to SCDev.org to see what the DS Homebrew community is saying about this device.

You can read their reaction here:

DS-X Extreem news

Hope this is helpful.