Unofficial Openpandora/pyra Minecraft Server

Well to be fair, it is minecraft. So I was a bit naive thinking that people wouldn't wander off ^^

BTW: If anyone has any suggestions regarding the lobby, that would be very welcome. The bomberman plugin has been defunct for a while already and now that boat behaviour has been changed (I think in 1.10?) the race track doesn't work correctly anymore as well :(
I'd love to have at least one functioning mini game available...
Since 2coop4 asked for the forge server and brought to my attention, that twilight forest is being update again as well (used to be dependend on 1.7.10 for years...) I have upgraded the forge server. sadly bungeecord doesn't seem to be able to relay the connection properly. I installed waterfall (a fork of bungeecord which is supposed to support forge) but still couldn't get it to work. I will try to debug this tomorrow.

If anyone has any experience with a setup like this, please come forward :) cheers
Okay, it is fixed now and the forge server is accessible to all with a modded client!

To join the forge server, you will need OpenComputers 1.12.1, IndustrialCraft 1.12.2 and Twilight Forest 1.12.2 in your mods folder.
As the modlist grows (hopefully) I will provide a modpack so you don't have to pick every mod by yourself.

The forge world and server are in an experimental state! Please use it and try the different mods, but be aware that the world might need a reset occasionally and loss of structures/builds is a possible risk. So don't build your main base there ^^
@2coop4 hi there. The forge server is offline at the moment, but I can get it back online. the normal minecraft server is still running.

I can't get the forge server up tonight anymore though, I am already in bed ^^. But I'll get to that tomorrow.