Unofficial Openpandora/pyra Minecraft Server

Well I already know about most of the stuff you mentioned, but maybe you can recommend some decent mods for special purposes.

I am looking for a mod/plugin that makes adventure mode maps a little easier to integrate. Something like a map loader, that resets the game area after play. I have found one mod that does this but it's sadly no longer maintained.

Also: I had a bomberman mini game in the lobby which now doesn't work anymore (plugin no longer maintained...). This needs to be a bukkit/spigot compatible plugin though and not a forge mod.

8gb RAM sounds a bit too meager to be honest. Not exactly sure how many people will play on your server at once, but running this many mods at the same time that do so much intensive stuff, well good luck to you. I am really interested to hear how you will fare.

My server is running a debian wheezy system, which is of course headless to conserve RAM for webserver/mumble/minecraft. The server has 16GB RAM and since it was very laggy at first, I have actually dedicated 6 gigs to large pages (RAM disk), which minecraft is being loaded into and run from. This makes chunk loading/saving extremely efficient. Spigot is already a huge improvement over the original minecraft server, but the ram disk really makes it fly.

I wouldn't trust a windows machine with all of this...

Anyway, there is a bungeecord instance connecting the lobby (also spigot), the forge server and the main spigot server. The main spigot server has multiverse installed and is currently maintaining two worlds with nether and end each. Have yet to run into memory related issues, but installing over 200 mods to the forge server would certainly achieve that.
Oh, don't get me wrong, this is the client running solo. I actually expect the server to be lighter. Didn't test it for now, focusing on making solo run full and fine.
I might port it over to a dedicated server, but I don't think I'll do so for now. It might only be running on my desktop.

Sadly, I don't know much about plugins and adventure mods, so I can't tell you anything you don't already know.
Plus I'm not counting on more than a couple players at once, maybe up to five. It might turn from a private to an invitation-based server but for now, we don't need other architects. It's a pretty long story.

In the meantime, if I think of anything you might like while browsing for/my mods, I'll let you know.
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Ah I get it now. Yeah that makes sense.

I always wanted more people on my server to get sort of a community going. It is still invite/whitelist only though, just to prevent script kids and douche bags from getting in. But anyone can basically invite anybody else and I will whitelist them.

Show us some pictures some time when you're ready!
Hey people, long time no post...

As the dark season has now started and we all have less excuses not to spend our time in front of our computers, me and a couple of people have been active on the minecraft server again.

- Permissions are finally fixed for the default player group. Players who are in survival mode can use the /warp command other features as would be expected.
- We have taken the liberty of rebuilding the server main train station (which can be reached by using the train in the spawn building), a lot of lines are already connected to existing bases and you are welcome to attach your own system, we have about 24 free connections and departure tunnels are already set up. It's only a matter of connecting to the tunnel and writing the destination name onto a sign at the departure platform
- I will be upgrading to the latest MC version 1.12 as all plugins should be ported by now.

As 1.13 is already announced I am not sure how long it will be until I can deploy the next spigot version, but as usual I will wait until all plugins are ported. Since microsoft has now officially approved that they will be offering a new windows only version of minecraft (besides the java edition), we are uncertain of the future right now. Let's all hope that MS will not follow their usual embrace/extend/exterminate philosophy and drop support of the java version any time soon.

@mods: Could someone please sticky this topic? As ingoreis has already unofficially declared this server the forum MC playground, I'd like to offer it as such and have changed the topic title accordingly :D
@spud42 sure thing! i am at work at the moment, so I can't come play, but I will whitelist you in a moment and pm you once it is done.
I'll give that a go tonight ptitseb, also xnopasasanx, can my daughter and I join your server too? Is it still the same as in the Top post?
Her minecraft name is Sleephaas and mine is 8bit6510
@Eight Bit of course you can! I will add you two to the whitelist when I get home (in about 30min or so).

The first post is up to date.

Be aware that we do not filter chat for swear words or anything like that. People on the server are generally nice, but we did not have many kids playing before and the code of conduct is pretty casual. not sure how old your daughter is, just in case this might be of concern.
Logged on briefly this morning. Very lost in some tunnel that I don't remember anything about. But I've got a stack of iron blocks, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
I was hoping to take a look but I get an outdated server message :(
Yes, we are running 1.11.2 so you need to set that version in your launcher.

Logged on briefly this morning. Very lost in some tunnel that I don't remember anything about. But I've got a stack of iron blocks, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
use /spawn to return to spawn or try one of the warps.
@Eight Bit and everyone else:
I have upgraded the server to the latest minecraft version (1.12.2) and all plugins, bungeecord etc. have been updated as well.

How do you get back to spawn in the lobby? I fell down a hole and can't get back.
Interesting. I haven't played a ton of Minecraft online, so it might be fun, although I definitely need to fix some things first. (SEUS kills my PC due to its nearly 7 year-old CPU, but a new PC build is on the agenda sometime in roughly the next six months... hopefully sooner.)

Minecraft username is Darples.
@WizardStan oops... permissionsEx can be a bitch ^^. It should work now in the lobby (guess I never gave that permission because I thought noone would leave the lobby spawn)

@2coop4 and @Dark Pulse you are both whitelisted now! Have fun :D