Underground Gamer... gone


Oct 4, 2008
London, UK
Hi everyone

I've had a good dig around on here but couldn't see any threads mentioning this (please delete and PM me if there's one already). Apologies if I am breaking the rules by mentioning this.

But Undergound Gamer is gone :( Those forums were an incredible source of information.

Just tried to get on IRC but it looks like the domain's been seized.

Was anyone else here a member?

Does anyone know if there's an unofficial IRC channel or forums anywhere?

Cheers, B
Yeah it actually went a few weeks ago but I've only just got round to trying to get on the IRC channel.

I'd love to know if they're planning on resurrecting the forums somewhere at least, or if many of the users have re-located elsewhere.

I hadn't actually downloaded anything from there for a long time, I've got backups of all the games I'm ever interested in playing. But the forums there were awesome.
I was a member but not logged on in a couple months, read about this too on another forum, read that the people running it are sorting things and plan to come back... I've no idea when though
I was a member for years, loved that site. For now I'm using pleasuredome.