Best Emulators On Gp32


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Apr 18, 2003
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I will include a link to this thread in our "Popular Topics" board. And if that doesn't work, then I'll make it a sticky. Disclaimer: There may be other emulators you may like more, but these are roughly the board's opinion. All of these emulators either have links or direct downloads from our download section.

Genesis: fGEN32
Nintendo Entertainment System: Little John GP
Gameboy Mono / Colour: fGB32
GBAdvance: Nothing practical yet
Sega Master System / Game Gear: fSMS32
PC-Engine / TurbograFX-16: GPEngine
Wonderswan: Wonderboi32
Neo Geo Pocket Colour: NeoGP32 (only Alpha)
Arcade: XCade (not very compatible)
Atari 800: Atari 800
Atari 2600: VCS32 2600
Atari ST: Castaway GP
Spectral: Speccial'K
Commador 64: Frodo
Dragon: Xroar
ColecoVision: fCol

I don't feel like going through the whole list, so add the rest yourself. There aren't THAT many emulators to choose from, so it shouldn't be too long.
Wonderswan: Wonderboi32
Spectral: Speccial'K
Comeddor 64: Frodo
Dragon: Xroar

all i could think of

under gba emulator put gp advance but put a disclaimer about how it isn't that compatible yet
Talking about Speccyal K, I'll try to update the code to include some features I have included on the DC version : enhanced .TAP support (almost perfect) + autoloading, line by line border emulation, graphics included in the options screen + additional intro screen, maybe chatboard support. I'll work on it starting from next week.

Expect a new version (v0.7) in the following weeks.

That's fantastic news _tyrell_ it's a great emulator.

Just to echo previous posts, anyone who's a fan of early coin-ops should give the ColecoVision a go - the ROMs are tiny :)

Also, the Atari 800 is well worth exploring. There are some outstanding games, many of which are identical to the C64 versions - which helps get around some of the compatibility problems with Frodo.
Atari 800: Atari 800! :)
MSX: fMSX (Colecovision fans should have a go at this)
Arcade: XCade


Excellent news. Keep up the good work. Will this have multiloading TAP support?
generalnmx posted on Jul 8 2004 at 12:58 AM said:
PC-Engine / TurbograFX-16: GPEngine
Watch out with this one, even though it has 'save' in the menu it doesn't save! In fact, when you press save it unloads the rom, leaving you at the start...
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Excellent news. Keep up the good work. Will this have multiloading TAP support?

Yes ! This is actually working on the DC version. Just press a key combination to "rewind" the tape and load another level if necessary. Feedback about the new code has been positive and I have myself witnessed a very good success rate (90-95% of the tape files are now loading).

Stay tuned!

sorry to bring up an old post, but, what is the best nes emulator, considering a new version os nester just came out.

I used to use little john

EDIT: Actaully, its called NesterGP