Uk Passports



Well i'm kinda desparate. Any way to get a UK passport (LEGALLY) in 5 working days, since mine has expired.

Not sure about the UK, but in Canada you can get a passport in 24 hours. It just costs an arm and a leg in fees. What happens is you go to the passport office, fill in your form there (with passport photos ready) then they scan your photo and form where it's processed immediately at their facility where they make the passports, then it's on an overnight flight back to where you live. I'm sure they'd have to have something in the UK like this.
You used to be able to go to the passport office and get one the same day, it costs about 75 pounds.

I'm not sure if they still do this.
You need to ring up the passport office and make an appointment, then you have to drive down there will all yours details and as much identification as possible. Its called 'Premium same day passport' and costs about £114 (compared to the usual price of £72 for postal applications).

For anyone else reading this thread, this only works for expired passports, not passports which have been lost/stolen/etc.
I've just renewed mine. After posting the form off I got my passport back about 7 days later, although I had been expecting to not recieve it until sometime next month :p
You can go to a main post office and get them to do the checks so the passport office don't have to check quite so thoroughly.

Speeds up the application.

- check the passport & post office websites

Of course going to the passport office is the fastest, most certain way of getting it
Cheers guys.

It was a renewal of an individual passport.

Got the appointm,ent at the main office in peterborough, 114 quid. Unfortunately my dad can;t take me.

I'm missing out on an all-expenses paid trip to france, with visits to nausica, disneyland and toulouse offered to me last minute by my school. Would look great on a CV cos id ben looking after 11 year olds was one of two french speakers. Its been a dream of mine to go but unluckily my passport expired a bit ago.