U413 - Looking For Members


Hey Telstra, I Hate You.
Jun 23, 2007
lol Charters Towers sucks.
Hi, I haven't been very active on these forums for quite a while since I broke my GP2X, but some of you may remember me :)

I have a bunch of invites for the underground CLi based forum u413 Link

If you would like an invite PM me.

Sorry for advertising but I chose to give invites out on this forum because I believe that there would be some fairly intelligent people here who would contribute positively to the underground.

Just a little help for the people who I have invited, type help into the CLi once you have logged in, it's a very useful command :)
torpor said:
I tried to PM you but .. you've got it configured so thats not possible.

2 people have PM'd me already, I haven't configured mine to block PMs or anything :/

I'll PM you.

EDIT: When I PM'd you it said "This member cannot use the message system", something is wrong on your end.
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lulzfish said:
What kind of underground is it?
Illegal underground?
"underground" underground?
"subterranean" underground?

Sound of the Underground.

Yes, it's a Girls Aloud fansite.
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This place is lame.
They use a 'command line interface' and call themselves 'underground'?! Pah! My gran's more underground than these guys.

Also, lol Goity.

Edit: I shall proceed to expose them through screenshots. This will
a- show how lame they are and
b- piss them off a lot.
I hope I don't get tracked down by their elite haxing skills. Wish me luck.
I think they've already been exposed on YouTube. I did a google search for them.

It's not like a terrorist cell where you have to sneak in a camera in your ass and you get beaten up if you take pictures.
I was half joking, there's absolutely nothing worth exposing on there.

These guys ain't got shit on RedBaron, I bet he can hax their site in seconds with his JXD.
Do you really need to take screenshots of a command line? I think it would be similar to nuking the Amish.