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Mar 12, 2012

I'm very interested in the Pandora and planing to get one. But before I do so, I'd like to ask a few question about the tv-out-cables (couldn't find any suitable in the forum yet):

  • Is the TV-Out on the Board a custom port? Looks like the one on the Playstations ...
  • If not, are there other cables/adapters that can be used? Like the ones for the Playstations, they could be bought for 2€ (even though you can doubt their quality).

For others that are always posting elsewhere "How is it with the cables?":

  • What is the current situation on the cables? Any guess how long it will take?
  • If I order Pandora AND Cable, do I get them only together, or can I get my Pandora earlier?

I guess, that's it so far for the cable. Anyone any ideas? Or further questions on the cable?

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Yes it is a custom port no tused on any device that I know of.

There have been two people who have built cables by hand for sale, PECA and myself. Unfortunatly AIUI Peca is AWOL and I have had difficulties getting a quality reasonable enough to sell.

You can buy connectors and circuit boards from but the skill required to build is significant. If you go this route someone from your local hacker space may help.

If you order a Pandora and a Cable they will ship seperatly. I suspect (even tho I have no information to confirm this) that there is the possibility that if the cables are expected to arrive a few days after your Pandora is set to ship your shipement may be delayed, but this is just speculation.

Currently the Open Pandora Team is waiting for quotes from companies that they would like to have build the cables.
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