Trying To Decide If I Should Get This


Jun 29, 2007
I want to know before I buy this is it possible to get SNES emulators to emulate the SA-1 chip properly? ANd by that I offcourse mean getting Kirby Super Star 8 Games in 1, Super Mario RPG and Kirby's Dreamland 3 to run at full speed?
If not can anyone tell me why? Cause the GP2X has 2 processors can't one emulate the SNES one and the other emulate the SA-1? I own a PSP and if I get the GP2X I plan to keep my PSP for PSone emulation, widescreen movies and commercial games, and I know it is a lot more difficult to program for the PSP since we have no source code and the GP2X they give us everything!
So can anybody tell me that it will be possible to emulate these games in the future?! Cause I really need to know lol :)
Emulate them? Sure, emulate them at full speed, unlikely. However, you never know whats around the corner.

However, the PSP has a SNES emu - surely you would be better off playing snes on that since you have one?
it's not that the gp2x can't handle it. it's that it's not worth it for someone to put a huge amount of work into getting those few games to work. kind of an 80-20 thing, but more like 95-5.

the gp2x has a lot going on for it and it'd be a bad idea to base a decision to spend over $200 (once you add batteries, charger, sd card) in order to play a few snes games.
I just want to publicly state: if your a flighty Gemini such as myself (whose life is a shelf of half-read books...don't get a GP2X – there is JUST WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON for my little brain to focus on.
I have yet to fully even play a single game of anything after having this thing for like a year and a half.

Everytime I come back to these forums, there is a new and improved emulator or game or something, and man...with all that, who has time to play games!! :)

nice work devs!
I don't think using the 2nd processor is as easy as pie otherwise emulators would be running quite a lot faster then they are, though I could be wrong so feel free to correct me.
None the less even if it can't play SA-1 games at the moment thats no reason not to get one. It's a fantastic handheld and has massive potential.
Well obviously it depends on wether using the second processor is going to speed up emulation at all. Using it is not all too hard for a lot of the devs. There is already so many games and emulators using both processors: picodrive, gngeo, egoboo2x etc.

Since it hasn't been done for snes emulation already and there is people working on it who are quite experienced and know what they are doing I would assume that there is not way to use the 2nd cpu in snes emulation efficiently as of yet.
I've found SNES emulation on the machine to be close to perfect. I'm running titles like Front Mission, Cybernator, Shadowrun etc. and they're running perfectly!

Kudos to the makers of PocketSnes.
That's an intriguing question. Squidge, could you give your thoughts on how easy/difficult it is for your SNES emulator to leverage the 2nd CPU?
The best thing to use the second cpu is the spc700 core, but then you would have major synchronisation issues.

Check out some other threads where it has been talked about more extensively.