Still Trying To Decide If I Should Get One


Jun 29, 2007
Can anyone tell me: How easy is it to program for this device? Like making a 2D game from scratch is it difficult or is it easy?
I have little programming knowledge and I'm trying to learn how to use this: 3D GAME STUDIO Standard EDITION however that is 3D and I'm not intrested in making 3D games for the GP2X since it's nto really meant for that anyway :lol:
If you have no knowledge of the C (the preferred language for coding on the gp2x) then have a look at Fenix.
Yup, and there's a support forum for it on this very board :)

Have a sniff around and see if you like it.

BTW, Manual? What manual :) Dev Kit is for C, which if you don't know, is kinda useless for you. Check out Fenix, and probably some sample apps.
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I assume when you bought your PC, there wasn´t a coding manual included either.

But for getting started with 2D stuff, Fenix should be more than enough. It´s quite simple and resembles BASIC a lot.
TylerAW said:
Well I assumed if I order a GP2X that it comes a manual :p
Sure it does, and that manual tells you the same as any other manual. How to turn it on, how to insert memory cards, batteries/etc. It sure doesn't tell you how to write games for it however.
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Take a look on for an intro to Fenix. It has some similarities to C, and makes programming games easy and fast. It's way above any Game-maker type programs, it actually teaches you things you can carry on and use in other (more advanced) programming languages.
Where can I download Fenix btw cause I cannot find a place that has a installer or anything even on fenixonfire?
EDIT: OK nevermind the tutorials say how but if I write a program for the GP32 compiler can it run on the GP2X?
Edit 2: Ok nevermind nevermind lol when I click on the download link to the GP32 compiler it goes to nothing site thats dead I need a link now :p