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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Tread Marks, the open sourced Tank Racer.

This game is a Linux port of the Windows game that has been open sourced (it was a commercial game).
Here a video of the gameplay on a Gigaherz pandora by @ingoreis

It use gl4es for graphic, and can be a bit intensive, so you may need to go in the Graphic options of the game and lower the details.

The nubs are setup as Joystick on Left and Mouse on Right, Left/Right clicks are on the shoulder buttons.
You can change default nub assignment by modifying the 2 files ".leftnub" and ".rightnub" in the appdata/treadmarks/ folder.

History log

Build 02

  • Removed Qt5 dependency
Build 01
  • Initial build
  • a few Pandora customization

For the curious, you can see the sources here:
They compile and run on Linux. I thought that 64bits build didn't work, but in fact it seems it does. Feel free to experiment and report success / failures.
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I just gave this a go on my GHz pandora at 1100MHz. I didn't time the framerate, but it wasn't 60fps, maybe 40fps max which is adequate for this type of game. Seems fun, although I didn't find out how to pick up more ammo and quickly ran out.