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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Thunder&Lightning, an OpenSource Flight combat simulator

The game use gl4es and the speed is correct. Most of the graphic engine has been changed, to batch primitive drawing, and the Terrain, that use dynamic LOD has also been tweaked to reduce deatil and improve perfomances. Because of all this changes, some graphics artifact can be seens / can happens.
The AI use the ioLanguage and the script execution introduce some slightly anoying stutering.

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Many Pandora customisation
  • Many Pandora/gl4es optimisations

To build TnL on the Pandora, here is how I've done it:
First, you need to build ioLangage. Use this github repo: and apply pandora_io patch (it include NEON Simd extension,and some hack to have coroutine working on the codeblocks PND environnement). I used cmake to build it.
Then, take the github sources of TnL here: and apply pandora_tnl patch to have all pandora and gl4es hacks. You need to point to you io build folder. Also, I needed to change the src/makefile generated to add, and to


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Very very frightening. Me - Galileo, Galileo figaro. Magnifico!

Sorry, the title just triggered an earworm song in me. And it should have been 'thunderbolts' rather than 'thunder' for proper scansion anyway. Looks good!
Never heard of this either, and it looks like the kind of poly game I will enjoy...will check it out.
Tell you the truth, what got me here on this thread in the first place was...

You should contact the author and make him know that his game now run on a handheld machine :):p&|a: