Touchscreen acting like a touchpad, is it possible ?


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Jun 20, 2011
Is there a way to make the touchscreen behave like the touchpad of a laptop ?

- Touching the screen for more than a second, or touching and moving, is not considered as a click after raising the stylus, but just moves the pointer

- Rapidly touching and raising is a click (if done 2 times is a double click)

- Rapidly touching, raising, and touching again (without raising for at least a second) locks the mouse button pressed, so that the stylus can then be raised and then used to move the "still clicked" object

- To unlock the previous "lock mode" you just have to click

For example a double touch without raising the stylus can be used on a window title to lock the button press, and then you can move that window without the fear to raise the stylus, because once locked you can move that windows with different strokes on the touchscreen, untill you "unlock" with a click.

It should also be useful for Graphic Adventure games, so you can just move the pointer around without clicking (unless you really want to click)
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Is this feature still needed? I'm not sure about lock mode, but basic functionality could be added to tslib.
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I'll love to have this option :)

I like to use the stylus, but many programs/games are designed to interact with mouse movements without clicking, and that's not always possible by now (using the stylus).

And I will try tslib ASAP, having more precision is so cool !! :)
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How would you drag stuff in your system?
With the PC and the touchpad I do "Touch and raise, touch + move" and then until I do a "click" the thing is locked to the pointer and dragged at every stroke of my finger even if I raise it different times, for example if my finger reach for many times the end of the touchpad.

(It's like a double-click but instead of raising the stylus at the end you just keep it down moving it)

Without the "locking" you just drag things with a "Touch and raise, touch + move", and you can drag it until you raise the finger.

I like better the "lock" option, but if dimag0g can add even a basic touchpad experience that's something I will use extensively.

Not to say that the actual behaviour is not useful, I like it too, but many times I have to use the nub to move the pointer without clicking even if I wanted to use the stylus...
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I tried a few tricks to create touchpad-like experience on Pandora, but I had no success so far. The bottom line is that I have to provide "touchscreen pressure" in tslib output, and there are two options:

1. Pressure > 0 is seen by X server as a click, or a mouse drag, should the coordinate change.

2. Pressure = 0 is seen by X server as the end of click, subsequent samples with pressure=0 are ignored.

Unless I have misunderstood something, there is no way for me to modify tslib to provide touchpad plugin. Making touchscreen act as touchpad remains a possibility, but it has to be implemented (if ever) outside of tslib.