Thinking About Getting A Caanoo In The Near Future.


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Mar 31, 2004
Pittsburg, KS
I already have a GP32 and a Wiz. Used to have a GP2X, but couldn't stand the wacky digital-but-feels-like-analog stick. Never got the cash together before the F200 with the d-buttons was off the market.

So, now I'm considering buying a Caanoo. What I'd like to know is, from those of you who have used both a Wiz and a Caanoo, what are the clear advantages of the Caanoo over the Wiz? Software-wise I mean. Which emulators run better on the Caanoo? Which emulators exist on the Caanoo that don't exist on the Wiz? What about homebrew games? Any on the Caanoo that aren't on the Wiz?

Just probing for the thoughts of the community on this. I'd buy a Pandora if I had the cash, but that stands no likelihood of happening (at least probably not 'til I'm out of college; heck, I spent less than $250 on my laptop even).
Well, there's not really any big advantages with the exception of screen size. But then again the Wiz's OLED screen looks better so that comes down to personal opinion. There are a few homebrew games for the Caanoo that never had a Wiz release but on the other hand most Wiz games can probably be played through Ginge. Alot of users like the Caanoo's analog stick but I personally prefer a dpad. With the exception of more RAM the two consoles have the same internals so emulators run pretty much equally, at least the emus I play fruequently do (Picdrive, SNES, PCSX reARMed). One thing is that Temper never made it over to the Caanoo but there is Hugo which isn't bad but doesn't support CD.

Also, since these consoles have been discontinued the prices on Ebay have been jacked up considerably. But since your in the US you can order from Gamesuave, It's not the cheapest i've seen them going for but there's not too many places that still have them.
jmetal88 said:
How about Game Gear? It's awful on the Wiz, so I usually play it on my GP32. Is it good on the Caanoo?
Reesy ported DrSMS which works fine. Every game i've tried, which isn't that many, ran perfectly.
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