About The Original Caanoo Tv-Out Cable, Few Questions


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Apr 19, 2008
CANADA, Montreal
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i just received it yesterday. i tried it with my caanoo, my wiz and my gp2x. i bought it from dingoo-digital USA

1. it work great with caanoo but some emulators has tv-out screen not working correclty. for others emulators the screen is ok but they run with a lot of frameskip. is it normal ?

2. about the wiz it work great too, but same frameskip problem + the GPFCE nes emulator Cant load at all. any ideas ? i dissapointed because i wanted to play nes.
Pocketsnes work great with a lot of frameskip, picodrive too has a lot of frameskip but screen is good with the good display options.

3. about my gp2x f-100, THE tv-out screen is aLL BLACK AND WHITE, NO COLOUR. Gpfce work perfect, perfect screen and perfect speed, but white and black.
Pocketsnes, freeze when loading a game. any idea about the black and white screen ?

THANKS FOR ANSWER thanks for help. this topic should help others people too.
Hi Rene,

1 - Yes, this is normal. Some info on it in the PicoDrive thread in the news forum.
2&3 - Don't know, do not own either Wiz or GP32X
difuno said:
3. Black and white
Sounds like a problem with NTSC/PAL?

i really choose NTSC. and my tv is ntsc im from canada.
still i tried PAl, but the screen is completly garbage and still in black and white.
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ozzuneoj said:
Are you sure that the GP2x and Caanoo cables are interchangeable?

gp2x cable can be used on caanoo but it's probably better to get the original wiz / caanoo one (due to the battery charging lines)
wiz cable is probably the same as the caanoo one

i doubt wiz or caanoo cable can be used on the gp2x ...

the gp2x could not be charged using that sort of cable / connector (not the tv out cable) wiz + caanoo can, so it's normal that it ain't working !

grey scrren = wrong selection of pal / ntsc (there exist diffrent kinds of pal and ntsc standards you know).
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renejr902 said:
thanks for answers.

i think i will buy the gp2x original tv out cable too for my gp2x F-100. if i can find one somewhere !
If you find any let me know. I've been trying to find one for a while.
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Who reckons this will work?


Just a thought :)
It may have the same connector but I doubt the pin layout is the same.

At best you'd have to take it apart and resolder some wires in other positions. Plus, from what others have said, the audio output from the USBTV-Out connector isn't working... and if it ever does, it'll be stereo, so a mono sound cable won't be ideal.

If you're looking at a non-standard cable, I'd recommend just using the tutorial found on the forums here to build your own.
Well I could buy one - and if it never worked then I could just use the connector to make a homemade one,
Plus it dont bother me if it was mono - the cable from dingoo digital usa and play asia is more than one cable
Which I think is crap - just want one cable lol

BTW - I already messed up my F100 cable :(

ruffnutts ;)
renejr902 said:
picodrive too has a lot of frameskip but screen is good with the good display options.
I know this thread is old but can anyone tell me what the 'good display option' is? Thanks.
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