The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

This song is too good. Take all of my childhood.

I occasionally catch dancehall fever when phasing between genres, but I haven't paid much attention to it lately...until a goddamn melon put me on this HEAT!!!!

Was in a car with my friends the other day and we lost our minds to this retarded ass shit. I love and hate this song.

Not gonna lie though, I've been obsessed with this person's music for a long while. I discovered his SoundCloud around the the last time he got arrested, which is either right before or right after he blew up. I became a fan after he got out of jail and had an interview with K Foxx. I'm gonna follow him for a while since I don't think he'll be the next Bobby Shmurda.
5 tracks from my drive home from work, some UK hip hop, some dnb .... done :)

We're just a biological speculation
Sittin' here, vibratin'
And we don't know what we're vibratin' about

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Shotta taking over the LU Northern Line :)

SASASAS taking the bus through town, Trans-mission warm up

I love it
Not usually my sort of music but there's just something about this track that grabs me, suspect it has a lot to do with the video though has a real sense of energy for me..