The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

Slug Bait by Throbbing Gristle, and some sort of emergency siren outside. The siren kinda fits the song. I still wish it would stop.
Hi all :)

I think this is the first time I post in this thread !

I'm currently listening to :

- Bjork (Vulnicura)
- Dark Tranquillity (Atoma)
- Machine Head
- Suicidal Tendencies
- Fear Factory (Genexus)
- "Arrival" movie soundtrack
- Massive Attack (Ritual Spirits / The spoils EP)
- High Tone (Ekphron) - Quite popular French dub band in Lyon. Maybe @ptitSeb has heard about them...
- etc...

Cheers, Magic Sam (really drunk at the moment...)
Hah, J5 is old-skool now is it? ;)

FWIW, I see your doo-wop and raise you DOO-WOP:

It's perhaps been a little overused in movies of a certain vintage, but to be honest that's how I first got to hear it. It was when I heard it back again randomly on a late night hip-hop radio show that I realised how the ghostly vocals and languid beat give it a subtext that's rather contrary to the words of the song, and it works just as well on its own as in a movie.