The new Linux Noob Thread


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Oct 24, 2008
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Lets Imagine you have a Debian ARM Handheld, you are a member since 10 years, and you used Linux a long time, but only the "easy stuff", like Installing things from the Repo, launching things by just clicking on them, but you ditnt know how to run par exemple GOG Games..
This Thread might be a good place for Questions how to get stuff running etc..
Hey Linux users, I could use some help. I'm trying get a Espressif esp32 toolchain setup but I'm failing with the esp-idf There was an obvious error about missing /home/myuser/.local/lib so I added it and tried again but failed. I noticed another error, esp-idf 4.2 wants Python >3.4. I have 3.7 but it's bin is python3. The installer is running my usr/bin/python and getting python2.7. I don't see an obvious (to me) way to redirect the Found some tidbits about $PYTHONPATH, mine is empty.

Aliasing would just break things that need python2 right?

Any help would be appreciated. (Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 kernel 4.19)