Release The Clue! / Der Clou! vamped up + now in the repo


Oct 28, 2009
Middle of Germany





v1.1 - Hardware scaling + Fullscreen mode added. Attention, needs at least Zaxxon HF7!

v1.0 - Initial release



JHW recompiled the lovely classic "Der Clou!" for the Pandora some time ago and since then it lived in the old (obsolete?) storage by ED.

I talked to him and, since he does not have any Pandora anymore I took over the project completely (did some scripts before) and made it fit for the future.

It now uses Notaz' newer SDL with hardware scaling which allows for a low-power fullscreen mode.

The game itself is 100% playable on the Pandora. There is no drawback compared to a full-blown desktop as it mostly uses the D-Pad and Enter (or the touchscreen if you prefer) and the graphics & texts fit nicely on the small screen.

So here we have the revamped "Der Clou!" and additionally the "International" Version. Whats the difference? The German edition comes with everything necessary to play including the add-on "Profidisk.

The "International" version is lacking the datafiles (for legal reasons) so you can use any language, provided you have the MSDOS data files. They are on the net, for example at but I have no information on their legality as I don't even know who owns the rights for them (it's not NEO) and Hannes Seifert has not yet answered (and I doubt he will).

Issues: The game has a few graphical glitches (not limited to Pandora) that don't hinder gameplay but are ugly nonetheless. If any coder would like to help to fix these, give a yell. I will be very thankful, I just can't do it myself :)


About the game


Der Clou! / The Clue!

The Clue! is mixture of many video game genres. It can be described as role-playing adventure game with tactical/strategy elements and puzzles in the form of burglaries. The gameplay is composed of two different modes - most of the time, the player is traveling around the city of London and talking with people using point-and-click interface like in classical adventure games, while more strategy-like top-down perspective is used for the actual planning of the heists.

The adventure mode features static graphics depicting various places with menu interface to control Matt's actions. It is in this mode, where the player buys and sells cars, tools and other equipment needed for thievery, recruits accomplices and scouts for possible target buildings. Every important information as an amount of money, description of tools, cars, loot, etc. can be accessed anytime through the Think menu. Before committing a burglary, the player must collect all the necessary information by investigation of the site. A car and at least one associate with driving skills is also obligatory.

After these conditions have been fulfilled, the player can switch the game into the planning mode by selecting the option Planning in the hotel room. There he chooses the escape car, accomplices and the driver. In the final stage of planning, the player controls movement of the thieves by the keyboard and works out the details of the plan in real-time like simulation.

The loot from successful coup must be sold to one of the three available dealers in order to earn money. Each dealer is specialized in different commodities and will not accept or will pay less for other types of merchandise.

Essential part of the gameplay are skills such as driving, lockpicking or electronics, which affects the time needed to complete specific tasks. Some actions and tools depend on particular skill level of person doing it (for example using stethoscope for opening a safe lock requies higher skill level than using a welding torch for the same job). Participants of a successful burglary also improve their skills. In addition to skills, each character has various personal traits as dexterity, loyalty, greed or nerves. These traits affect things like proportion of share from the loot, how many trails the person leaves on the crime scene or if he/she betrays his/her associates when captured by the police.! (10th September 2012)

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