Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Review (psp)


It Is Your Birthday.
Aug 31, 2005
Well, read the review in my game informer, and was immediately pulled in by this title. I've never been a fan of the Syphon Filter series...I suppose I just never got hooked on it like I did with Metal Gear Solid.

In any event, the ratings were superb, and I liked the sound of the game. The graphics were supposed to be top of the class (as always with psp games imo), sound wasnt too irritating, and controls were, well, GREAT! They stated something about the game making up for the lack of a second analogue stick. Finally, the story line was rated 9/10 or somehthing like that. So I picked it up.

I'm thrilled! The training levels were important in the sense that I got easily accustomed to the control scheme, which might I say is VERY well done. It becomes second nature after awhile.

So far the story line is quite good. Im not that far into the game just yet, but since my AP exam is over, I'll be playing more often. Also, it almost feels a bit MGS'ish. Well, you decide I say!

The game is highly recommended. A must have for any psp owner, this may be the best game on the system (unless you love GTA of course :D ). I promise you, this is a worthy investment B)

I've never been a Syphon Filter fan, really, but it's nice to see another worthwhile game on PSP. The console's finally starting to become more than just a pretty screen.

I would recommend Daxter for any platform fan. The game's great, and the graphics and sound are almost unbelievable.
thanks classic, i'm definetly going to check this one out. I bought Socom about a month ago and have been hooked ever since, its fantastic, and the online mode is extremely well done.
no problem guys. I was atually playing last night and there was a sorta mini-boss battle. Took me a minute to aim for where I needed to hit, but I was able to blow him up. Im starting to get hooked!