Succesfully repaired my Pandora


Sep 12, 2006
Quebec, Canada
Hello guys,

I've recently got my spare parts to get my pandora repaired.

Hell yeah, I've managed to do it on my own...

Just a little problem : normally, the DPAD is glued to the keymat?

Anyways, the screen now looks sharp(had the purple tint)

The hinge got way better with a new case

The case has no damn cracks ( HELL YEAY! )

Playing N64 is really cool.

Just to tell anyone which is careful about doing it by itself :

It's easy. You have a new case? No worries if you break the old one...

Lcd cable? Do-able..

Have fun OpenPandora community!
I'm glad to hear that you got it fixed! :D

Just a little problem : normally, the DPAD is glued to the keymat?
This is normal. I gather that it's a ludicrously strong industrial adhesive.
How difficult is it to replace the case? I imagine some LCD-cable threading is in order. Mine's not in the best of shape, and I'm somewhat worried about it just coming apart.
Can you confirm that there's no soldering to be done on the new cables, and if so, does that mean they come with extra speakers as well(or am I just plain missing something)?
Replacing the case wasn't that hard. No, there's no soldering to be done, as the new lcd cables have the speakers already soldered to it.

But yeah, the "tricky" part is not about changing the cable, it's about opening the lid, because it's not only screwed, it is also snapped in. You have to be REALLY careful to not crack the case.

But in all, it's a somewhat easy task. It took 7 days to receive the parts, so that's not as long as an rma!

Take your chance!
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If anybody which wants to do it want to get some tips,

Just throw me a pm, ill be glad to help!
Thanks Sony! A video will be coming up as soon as I get my crazy glue to glue back the DPAD hahahahaa I've took it apart of my old keymat, thinking that I would get one with the new one... hell no!

No matter, It works so welll!

I have a New - old used - kinda new pandora!

Good day mates!
you can also get the new cable bare and solder your own speakers in, thats what I did :rolleyes:

Good job man, glad you got past opening the lcd case, I had to set it down and come back to it before i got it

and gratz man
Nice job! I need some nubs very soon. It makes me very sad they still don't work after all this time.