31st May 2012 - tragic day for my Pandora :'-(


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Mar 3, 2012
Today my case cracked :unsure: Not sure how and when it happened as I am careful with my Pandora. After taking it out from my Open Pandora sachet I've noticed this ugly crack....



My question now is are those cracks like this covered by the warranty as it is well known that this black case is not very strong ? It did crack at a screw which might have been screwed to tight ... ?

Sad today,

Its all to do with the way the plastic was manufactured if its an older Pandora, if you type sugru into search bar there are plenty of posts on how to repair the cracking case issue and there are some good tutorials on the boards also. Its not an issue I believe most of our users have cracked cases its unlikely its something you done as you suggest you take care of your baby. It has also been suggested that exposing your Pandora to extreme temperature conditions can increase the likely hood of cracking so try to avoid leaving the Pandora in cold or warm places.

Also check your hinge, the hinge and by the screws seem to be the week points.
I've got one of those cracks in that spot on mine, and I've seen it in pictures of a few others, so I'm guessing that it may be one of the weak-points that the revised gunmetal-coloured cases are supposed to fix.

I'm planning on getting mine re-cased at some point, since some of my cracks have started spreading again, and are too fine to be filled with Sugru...
My pandora is still intact, but I read this story too many times that I want to know if that screw is really so important...

i mean, why don't take it away to prevent this ? The display seems locked well even without it, or maybe there are other things like the speaker that can become instable ?
That screw does nothing at all, but when we stopped putting those screws in people complained.

Let's hope the new cases don't suffer from this as much.
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Do you mean that it literally does nothing, or that it's useless because the clip-in mechanism does the job? Is that true of all the screws on the front?

I wonder, would it be worth it to fill in the space with a piece of rubber or something so it doesn't look like something's "missing"? Or would that just not be worth it? :)
All 4 screws in the screen area do nothing. The screen clips in and is absolutely solid.

We were putting foam in them when we were not using the screws.
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Yup, so much pressure power is needed to put together or disassemble screen parts makes those screws useless.
Actually I have the exact same crack on my pandora (an in a few other key areas) and while a tougher plastic casing wouldve been nice, it's not really the cases fault, per se. These cracks originated on my pandora because of where specific areas receive pressure when they are in my pocket. I have since bought a nifty nintendo ds case with plenty of padding to counteract this issue, but if it weren't for that then the pandora (at least mine' would not have cracked with use alone. Pretty sure, anyway.

In any case Electrical tape, in controlled amounts, not only "fixes" the problem, but it blends almost seamlessly with the pandoras opaque black case. Lucky!
but if it weren't for that then the pandora (at least mine' would not have cracked with use alone. Pretty sure, anyway.
It has been suggested in another thread that the problem actually comes from a plastic mix that hasn't been tempered correctly, meaning that exposure to certain temperatures can cause the issue, apparently.

I have a lot of cracks on mine, and my Pandora never travels in anything that could remotely put any pressure on it. In fact, most of them occurred when it was sitting unused and untouched for a couple of months! :lol:
I dread the day this will happen to my device if it does. Judging by the pictures though, it looks like a case of potential heat like one of the people prior mentioned, the plastic in those early Pandoras all have the potential for that it seems.
I think the person that suggested that it's weak to temperature said (or at least implied) that it's extreme cold, not extreme heat, that it's vulnerable to. I think that because I remember very clearly realizing that I, being in the north part of the U.S. where it's normal for it to be 20°F (about -7°C, for those who don't know Fehrenheit) in the winter, am in a position where my Pandora will be extremely vulnerable to this, assuming it's true. Also, there was some mention of Craig having his Pandora in the snow, and that the reason it didn't crack was because it was a better case or something, and someone claimed they developed their cracks when they went up north. And someone suggested (maybe jokingly) putting a case in a fridge to test it.
Because the screws were in the photos, and they do look kind of cool.

Yep. They say "You may tamper with this device if you think you know what you're doing", which is kind of a signature of a cool product (like the freely available overclocking in case of the Pandora), and the exact opposite of the anal-retentive "I glue my screws, I hide them, I put a "warranty voided" sticker over them, and I make them wear heads shaped like no head has been shaped before", which is the signature of lame stuff.

Maybe one could shorten them so they just look cool without exerting force on that cookie dough shell.