Release SubTerra


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Jan 8, 2009
this is the release for Pandora of an old but very nice Linux (x86) freeware game called SubTerra ( by Crystal Shard Games ).

Obviously the game run with the help of Box86(dynarec) library of ptitSeb.

It's a SDL1 game that run on a 800*600 resolution so i used the OmapSDL by Notaz to scale down to 800*480.
The Help text is barely visible...i can't do much about it, the editor is untested, but the game is really fun to play, and well programmed.

To have music in the game you need to have Timidity PND installed (on Pandora SD card before run the game), and next go to configuration menu and enable it.

The game is not available anymore at Crystal Shard Games site but i have found it on my old HardDrive.
I see that a new game SubTerra Draconis in the making from them.
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ooh just the kind of games I like... downloading...
Nice to a new game using Box86 :D

The PND works well, just, indeed, missing some music I guess ;)

Never heard of this game, but this seems interresting from the few tutorial level I played!
Yeah, well, I simply activated the music in the config, and it worked. I did install the Timidity PND stuff in the past, so I guess it just work :)
It's a great game and if I had a Pandora I imagine playing it regularly just like people who solve crosswords or sudoku do their thing. Thumbs up for the release :)
Updated the first post with istructions on how to enable music in the game (Thanks ptitSeb)
Ah, so there's a configuration menu that lets you enable it? Good stuff. From ptitseb's post I thought he'd put something in the appdata and edited that.

Yes there's a menu voice called "configuration" on the main menu, is clearly visible on the first picture (a note here... the pictures on the first post are taken from the pandora but as the game run at 800*600 the snapsnap application take it at this resolution , that is the resolution of the framebuffer not the actual resized on the screen)....
On the Pandora's screen the font is not very big so less visible...sorry... i can do nothing about it.