Release StreaK's CLI Love - Final Release [v1.06a]

Fine, be that way :) Honestly true.. I'm trying to herlp you, as someone whose been a coder all his life, and has seen it all, and hired and worked with a pile of people. Attitude counts big :) Its not nonsense .. you've come and gone _how many_ times? yanked your FB page how many times? Theres an established pattern of behaviour, so people _should_ be catuious .. playing with fire (you being the fire) and all that. (Fire is good, it cooks the beef .. you need disruptive forces etc.. but it means you have ot be careful around them, too, right? :)

"Mate" .. I'd assumed we're all friends here, and 'mate' is a term of friendship.

Anyway, listen.. you know how everyone is always mad at you (historically), thats somethign you shoudl consider.

End of discussion, I'll not bring it up again. But I'm not touching any of your software, ever :)

I believe commander beef has since put his projects on the repo somewhat recently which is better as we can now all try out his software at least.
End of discussion, I'll not bring it up again. But I'm not touching any of your software, ever :)

As usual.. dropping a grenade into shit :)

Keep your focus on your MiniMenu, 'coz it seems that it becomes buggy more.. every recent release..

You should reconsider putting MiniMenu in buggy-beta version into SuperZaxxon next time

Anyway.. focus on a good things, and dont try to be a jerk..
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Indeed, seems like you are the bad guy in this discussion Jeff ;)

BTW.. my "indeed' was referring to the fact that his software has been posted in the repo's.
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Blah.. argument aside.. His stuff is in the repo now.. it's hard to miss all of it..

I understand some of the frustrations between Streak and others, but I think he's making an effort recently..
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Fair enough, though I don't think so; I'm honestly trying to bring light on an issue, in hopes he can be bettered. But if I am wrong, and entirely possible, so be it :) To be fair, even if his history has been very bad, we shoudl allow for growth and see how it goes in the future.. but once folks have been burnt what, 4 or 5 times, you have to be cautious. Thats not wrong. Mind you, I'm a little rarer than most, in that I play the long game, and I always worry about taking care of my users and such; I still support thigns I released as spare time hacks 15+ years ago...

BeefStreaK: mmenu is actually quite stable; but as SZ is in _beta_ and we're drasticly changing some parts, some oddities are to shake out (which is why its beta, and people are told of warnings) .. and mmenu oddities have been extremely minor. And its all open source, never jerked in and ot of availability, and I've always been open to suggestion and discussion and do my best to help folks out :) If I'm doing anything wrong, be sure to point it out ;)

I honestly believe developers have to be responsible, akin to formal engineers; you build a half-assed bridge, it falls down and crushes some cars.. thats a big problem; with software there is always an option to be cavalier about it, but then an x-ray amchien zaps someone for too long, or a rocket turns 180degrees when it crosses the equator .. we software engineers have a responsibility himho to take the high road, to consider all the implications, to take reasomnable precautionms, to not jerk people around, to act like adults. You don't have to, but its a Good Thing. And if you don't, it _will_ bite you in the ass in real life, as I mentioned up.

If I'm bad, for bringing up a repeat offender against these sorts of things, then I suppose I'm being bad. As I said, I dont' intend to carry the fiucussion on, but I want to help the guy :)


I appreciate I did just disrupt this thread; shall I kill my posts? Thats okay, just say the word.
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If You, know that MiniMenu was buggy in SZ, why did you release it , and not just disable it in SZ release. You want to build "half-assed bridge"? If theres unstabe behavior in meni menu its highly probability there will be a mess here and there.. but You know that, right?
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SZ is known beta, and minimenu issues are _extremely_ minor, not likely to effect hardly anyone. There was in fact 1 known issue (very minor) and someone found another minor issue (which is good, this is what beta is for.) The found issue was that due to the new way it scans for apps (configured to use .desktop instead of .pnd scan), it was missing the /pandora/mmenu directory (since it has no .desktops) -- we never really published the existance of that directory and almost no one uses it, so it is pretty minor an issue, and hey.. thats why you do beta, so people can help find such problems.

You cannot compare that to your situation, where you come in and do somethjign in a knowingly 'odd' way, then get mad when peopel call you on it, and go storming away and hide all your stuff.

Obviously you don't see what I'm trying to say, or you're not caring, so such is life. But your method of operating has historically been bad for everyone (you and your users). This is inarguable -- if it was defensible, there wouldn't be all the drama every time you show up.

I'm not saying I'm any great thing - I am not -- but I'm saying you need to have a responsible system of operation; release to users expectations or publish expected variances to those expectations, and don't come and go and 'take your bat and ball and go home' mentality, as if you're some Hollywood prima donna :)

You keep replying, so I do as well; okay, deal, I don't reply, you don't reply, easy :)

Kill your replies if you like, and I can kill mine, try snd clean out the thread. Whatever.

Just please, _for your own career sake_ (if you're going to be or are already a programmer) -- be good and responsible there.


No more replies from me, even if you reply, so it can die :)
Firstly and lastly. If you really would like to solve something, [as i said it in many previous posts / topics to you] you should PM me [but we both know why you're doing this on public eyes, mr "voice of reason"], and not to be jerk soldier that drops grenade into barrel full of shit and expects that will be excellent fireworks for everyone. Reconsider that. Take a look into yourself, and if you want to change something .. start from yourself.
Calm down you two;)

There was some stuff, that I didn't like about the way StreaK published and licensed his software, but now the stuff is on the repo and Commander-beef is here to answer questions etc. So problem solved, isn't it?

Jeff, sorry to say that, but your posts could do the opposite thing and let everyone rage again. Thats not what we want.

I don't like the way hes mixing proprietary launchers or scripts with opensource software, as we cannot distribute his pnds then, if he decides to pull them from repo though.
And lastly: Please think twice when any of you want to continue this drama topic inside other topics , without PMing me directly, firstly..
Can I call you BeefJerky :p

(I also like commander-pinkslime)

Positive step putting software into the repo and dropping the facebook goofyness. We will see how it goes from here.
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Oh, Major Pickles :)

Small repeat from the begining of todays conversation [because rest of the talk is totaly OT]:

New CLI Love Build [with a lot of improvements] should be released in the begining of june, so stay tuned.. :)
ok just downloaded and tested on SuperZaxxon beta5a (new and old kernel) and it run...but if i digit "apps" on terminal it respond:

[CLI Love]=[Version: 1.25a]

[Apps List]

less: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Farox, create topic in OP support section bout missing component in new SZ B5.

Cli love works on my SZ B4


anyway's i'll add "" in next release ..

strange.. just dig up /lib dir in cli love, and is included..
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just checked...

apps show the message as before...

newapps command works... :)

added the screenshot

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