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Feb 19, 2010
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Is there a concise tutorial somewhere to setup compo4all?

The release thread has so many pages I haven't found the time yet to get stuck in and read up on that.

If there isn't one I'd be happy to make it for future reference!

First questions I have and would probably be good to have in the first post of a sticky on this forum:

Which MAME roms do I need? If I look around I find several different series of roms. Which will work?

If I have these roms what do I do with them? (I'm assuming that I have to put them in the rom folder of the compo4all app data but not sure)

I downloaded the Battlejewels PND and played it, how do I add my score to Compo4all? Do I have to move it somewhere so I can open it from complo4all?

Which games that are available from the repo are compatible with Compo4all? Is there a list I can easily find with just them?

Basically an idiots step for step guide how to get started. Personally I always love those and as I said before, if it's not there yet, I'm more then happy to make that post so the threshold for others to join in the fun gets lower.
If somebody makes the tutorial, or points to a well-written wiki or pandoralive entry, I'll be happy to sticky it :)
Ekianjo should I alsof start a thread tot be stickied or will your article be comprehensive enough tot have that up top as reference?

If tour article will suffice is there anything I can do to assist? I'll be ploughing through the big release thread after I finish this post so I can get myself setup.
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