SSI Goldbox Game Engine


Oct 4, 2009
If anyone out there in Pandora-land likes SSI's Forgotten Realms Goldbox games. Curse of the Azure Bonds, Pools of Radiance, Hillsfar etc. I stumbled upon an open source game engine to create your own Goldbox style game. I have not used it but it does look very good.

Dungeon Craft
Looking at this already. Windows only.. relies on DirectX, sadly. Also it cannot play the original games. It is compatible with Unlimited Adventures, I think. I also believe those original games to have been hand remade in FRUA. So while not exactly the same as the originals, are very close.

Dungeon Craft was also missing some game play features, last I checked. It's still a noble project worth some attention.
Doh! Forgot about that. Oops! Still it's nice to know it's there.

(I really have to get my memory up to speed before I post.)
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