Smach Z will pose some serious competition to the Pyra

You seem to have some info on the thermals of the pyra. One that seems to keep it below freezing or unable to plow your drive apparently....
To be honest, I do not have thermal information beyond the ones you can find on internet with 3dmark.
As for the Pyra chip has, it's an ARM chip, so you can replace it with a daughterboard that hosts this ARM chip, the Ampere Altra with barely 80 cores:
That would keep your driveway snow-free. But you can too with the Pandora:

On their site there's the order page...
That's one sweet website. Almost makes me want to press buy (but they don't, they only have a pre-preorder or whatever they sell for 10)
Smach Z is everything the Pyra wants to be, is cheaper* and it has greater specs and runs desktop OS, not ARM OSs.

*base model compared to estimate of Pyra's price, and the Pro model with more RAM and HD space is about on par with Pyra's estimated price.

Plus, Smach Z has a confirmed release date (Oct 2016 for pre orders and December 2016 retail release) and Pyra keeps dragging its feet so that by the time it releases, it's far outdated.

Pyra is just going to be another Pandora: 3+ years in development and releasing with 3+ year old tech.

Just compare Pyra to Smach Z, and you know that the Pyra is toast:

The Pyra released first :p