Show off your mug

I went into the kitchen to have look at some of my fiancé's mugs and found a stainless steel or aluminium Monster Hunter mug in the cupboard, lol.

Here it is.

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I have one of these that's my pride and joy (not that I drink coffee in it). I bought it a couple of years ago though - before Portal 2 had even been announced - so it was a lot less mainstream then (thus making me that much cooler). I also have an Aperture Laboratories numbered parking permit, just for fun.


I bought a set of those when Portal 1 just came out.

This mug I use to prove my Geek cred. It's at home so may as well just link it..

I guess you're not allowed to have that during examinations, tests, etc. :p
What? Keyboard shortcuts of a text editor? I don't think anyone would mind.

The real problem is naturally that it is a lousy text editor. This mug is more useful :p


Though, if you need these reference charts, you're doing something wrong.
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The second one is possible, I know that since I keep aquariums; some thermometers change color..