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Sep 7, 2008
The Netherlands
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This new one I got for my birthday it replaced my 10 year old one I got at an internship.


(maybe sony can correct the spelling error in the topic title it should be show off )
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I don't have a personal mug any more, but I have a special one at home that I don't let anyone else use. It's a midnight resistance mug that I got from R3play last year.
I don't have a special mug either, I saw some cool ones with band logos on them in the local record shop though..
Not actually special, but I use this one usually, to drink large quantities of this - it's absolutely the best Earl Grey I've tried, out of Celestial Seasonings, Taylors of Harrogate, Twinings, and others, well worth the price (I subscribe to it, so I save 15% too, and you can get probably 40 cups from one jar). It's very heavily scented with bergamot, but the flavor is very balanced, not what you'd expect after smelling it.
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That gun one looks like something SUKuk would sell. They do candle holders from White ceramic guns like that.. In fact it would go well with your mug, maybe buy one?

I don't drink much other than water, squash, beer

I do own a sick mug though, forget the BFH, I got a proper Bully mug/tankard.

I wasn't on the show but it is the same as ones they serve on there, every time I use it I flip into Jim Bowen mode, look what you could have won etc
Well, I don't drink coffee, but here's my mug;


No, no. I know that nobody is surprised in the slightest by this... :p

Got it from the Admin of a board that I'm on :)

The logo is from the board btw.

Don't have one, but if I did, it'd prolly be something nerdy :D
I had a mug in the shape of a boob and it said "Super Sipper" on it. Sadly, it met it's fate on my kitchen floor, shattered in a million pieces. :( I'd find a pic of a similar one online but it may not be appropriate to post it here. I miss that thing, I never replaced it due to having a youngster running around here now.
I have one of these that's my pride and joy (not that I drink coffee in it). I bought it a couple of years ago though - before Portal 2 had even been announced - so it was a lot less mainstream then (thus making me that much cooler). I also have an Aperture Laboratories numbered parking permit, just for fun.

I have a tetris mug, unfortunately it got ran through the dishwasher once or twice, and some of the picture has torn off a bit, still looks cool :p

I don't drink coffee so I had to dig my mug off a shelf in the garage. I received it as a christmas gift along with a more interesting knickknack that I will post just because I don't collect knickknacks so it was stored right next to the mug, so at least someone will now see it.


While I usually just mainline the stuff, I do occasionally use a mug. This one is retired. My current one is plain black, very boring. The chicken mug was a present from an ex-girlfriend when she moved across the country. It came with a cactus in it. Maybe she was trying to tell me I was a prick ( :) actually we were still friends). It didn't take me long to kill the cactus by over-watering. After that I used it as my coffee mug for years. I finally decided to stop using it because it felt very cheap and fragile. When it was full I never held it by the handle because it felt like it would break off. Now it sits on top of my monitor.