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Oct 8, 2010
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I'm somewhat surprised we don't have one of these threads yet, given all of the talented people around here.

I'm creating this thread as a place for us to post our projects (finished or in progress). Also, I wanted to stop infecting the communication cube with my random, incomplete updates of random projects.

I'll start with a couple of mine.

First up is the Penny Farthing bicycle I made.


This was a senior project for school. I chose to make one because I have always wanted a High wheel bike, but getting a replica would have cost too much, so naturally, I decided to build one. (it got an A by the way)

Second thing. I'm in the process of building a Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil with a friend of mine. It's currently in progress, and is actually ready to be bench tested. I don't have any pictures right now, I might post those later.

Okay, your turn. Share your projects with the community.
I always have a few projects, and never enough time for all of them.


- A few mutators and mods for UT99

- A webcomic set in the Shadowrun universe

- Many adventures and stuff for the Shadowrun PnP RPG

Mostly done:

- An unofficial sourcebook for Shadowrun PnP RPG

In Progress:

- A mod for Crusader Kings II

- 2 adventures for Shadowrun Returns

On hold:

- An engine for interesting and dynamic procedurally generated plots in video games.

Abandoned (and noteworthy):

- A machinima series in UT99. Lost most of the work in a disk crash. 
Well, powered on the tesla coil today. had it hooked up to a variac, and I started it off at 20v. Nothing exploded, decided to go to 60v, that's when all four IGBTs caught fire.

Upon further inspection (and looking at the IGBT data sheet), apparently I swapped the collector with the gate. so I accidentally  tried sending 60v into the gate of the IGBT.....

Funny thing is, while building the H-bridge, I checked several times to make sure everything was right, either my brain kept swapping the collector with the gate, or I accidentally flipped the plate that connects everything.

Anyway, the lesson here is, no matter how many times you've done a sanity check, make sure you have another person do a sanity check.

I will try the coil when the next four IGBTs get here.
Woah that tesla coil looks crazy! I built my own out of garbage once. Capacitors from glass plates with tinfoil, etc. Nowhere near as nice as what you're doing I salute you. Alright got that out of the way.

What up!? Looks like its time to revive a dead thread as is my pagan custom.

If you're anything like me you spend a lot of time doing projects that are both stupid and pointless, well I got a hum dinger of a project for you this time.

See I'm kind of a freak for many things; Star Trek, weird pointless skateboarding, the pandora and once long ago Tamagotchis. Yeah I had like a whole bag of em and taking them apart taught me very basic electronics, a hobby I continue to develop to this day. So recently I found some digimons and I've been playing around with a rig that takes care of digimon at 10X speed so I don't have to. My goal is to eventually integrate two of them and have them run battles and just sit on my desk like a modern day fish tank. Kind of like what Sprite_TM did with his Tamagotchi Hive/Matrix, except not emulated and all supported by real hardware.

Well I'm still working on things but I thought I'd give my self some incentive to finish by sharing my progress across this vast and varied web we share. So here I am.

Here's my imgur album of the early test rig

Here's what it looks like now.

Here's a live streaming video of the little dude now, he grows pretty fast as I overclocked his RTC at 10X the normal speed.

Well lemme know what you think. Alright thanks for looking, so long!
I'm working on a fantasy console like PICO-8, but inspired by handheld LED games like Game & Watch. It incorporates one 640 by 360 eight bit per pixel indexed color background from the user that never changes during runtime, then has one bit per pixel black and transparent graphics drawn over it. Graphics can only go in a 320 by 320 playfield in the center, but a user supplied 224 character 10 by 20 pixel font can be printed on tiles in the 160 by 360 fields to the left and right of the playfield, as well as inside the playfield. The 320 by 20 fields to the top and bottom of the playfield are reserved for 32 chars each of game title and author info, which are displayed at all times.

There will maybe also be modes for four bit per pixel and eight bit per pixel graphics in the foreground.
Well, um, I'm still planning. Have most planning done though, just trying to brush up on Lua so I can implement it as a scripting language for the console. I have some nice things though.

Here's my file format:

512KB header with all graphics data, 512KB Lua bytecode with other data
5600 bytes - 224 character 1BPP 10 by 20 font
32 bytes - game title, 32 chars
32 bytes - author information, 32 chars
480 bytes - short game description for frontend, 15 lines of 32 chars
225KB - 8BPP 640 by 360 pixel static background picture
25KB - 1BPP 20 by 20 pixel tiles, 256 sprite tiles and 256 map tiles
256KB - 1024 screens of map data, 16 by 16 bytes tile data per screen

Here's a very rough unfinished concept screen:

Here's a font I drew for use with this project, which still needs extended ASCII characters:

Still unsure about audio since I'm not an audio genius, but I think I'll limit the system to unsigned 8 bit 22050 sound. *shrug*
A knife. Prolly won't share pictures here.

Other things. No pictures of them either.
does foodstuff count?
- i made my own sourdough starter a while ago, and it's still alive (and fermenting some rye flour on the kitchen counter at the moment). it's pretty awesome to see how that flour-water mix is full of bubbles after a while :D having homemade bread all the time is nice, and so far, none of the loaves were completely inedible (though there were some dense ones and a really, really sour one).
- macarons that look like burgers. after baking and decorating a ton of macarons, i think i'm up to the challenge. the "salad leaves" will be made of dyed marzipan, the "patties" are chocolate, and the "cheese"... maybe dyed white chocolate, maybe marzipan, maybe something entirely different.
- got all the ingredients for kimchi, a bunch of empty jam jars, and a free day next week. originally i planned on making sauerkraut, but the cabbage i need for that didn't look good in the store, so i went for napa cabbage instead. doesn't make much difference to me, except that i have to look into my "korean recipes" bookmarks folder instead of the german one :)

aside from that, i got two small game projects i'm working on (both pygame + pixel art):
- a dialogue-based game that revolves about the end of the world (yea, i know, kinda cheesy). you play a robotic social worker that communicates with people via email. depending on what you write them back (if you choose to do that), one if them might cause an apocalypse. it's a university project, and i really want to try out character design and writing dialogue (i got stuck with coding shit in all previous projects, so this time i'll go for art and writing).
- another arcade game for the pandora. it's about people trying not to step into dog poop while walking through a park. currently, i'm implementing a "dog mode" so people can place poop on the map and try to get their friends' feet dirty :3 (here's an actual screenshot i took while testing multiplayer functionality on the pandora, and here is an old animated mockup, sadly in original size and therefore tiny)

EDIT: some photos of foodstuff :3 the cake wasn't really planned, i just wanted to test some equipment, so the frosting looks a bit shitty ._. sorry for the weird lighting, the lamps in the kitchen are not ideal for photography
IMG_1266.JPG IMG_1293.JPG IMG_1310.JPG IMG_1316.JPG
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I feel that food counts. Then again, I love food. Anyone that posts about food should include pictures.
My new backup mobile phone arrived yesterday, it's one for old biddies so it has an SOS button. How it works is you press the button and the first number in the list is dialled, if they don't answer then the next number is dialled and so on. The list of numbers is modifiable so I've filled it with the numbers of local takeaways ordered by personal preference.
Oh man, you guys want the full Windows-1252 set? I could try.

I dunno, I assumed that the characters not included as of yet would be mostly unimportant for gaming, so I reserved those for icons and such. Are there any extremely necessary punctuation marks in there? I thought Spanish readers could get along well enough without the leading question and exclamation marks, but I don't know enough about other languages to know how necessary other characters are.

I started coding the actual software last night, by the way, but I actually haven't done that much yet still.
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