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Nov 9, 2005
The gp2x had a serial number that showed the date of manufacture, firmware version, and unique gp2x serial number stored in EEPROM of the I2C bus.

Will there be a serial number for the pandora? and if so, what is the format? that way you know which one you got out of the 4000 in the first batch.

I searched the wiki and it returned no results. The closest mention I could find was the comment below, but it wasn't confirmed in the topic.

Farox said:
I'm with the simple Pandora logo in that spot, rather than a logo with a "1" on it. Can you add "Just the Pandora logo" to the poll?
I'm agree with it.. and if you wanna make a special first batcher console ...put a sticker on the bottom "First Batch" near the serial number (if there a serial number B) ).
i'm not a first batcher so i don't vote now ....but OpenPandora interest so much...maybe on second batch :)

Just voted !! thanks
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I don't speak for OP.

Product serial numbers as printed onto a manufactured unit are not that accurate; they are there for QA, to identify batch and build dates, so you can correlate multiple failures back to something,and then notify other similar batch users, etc.

Consider -- 10 boxes of units are shipped, and opened in random order by folks to flash and prepare; then ready units are randomly picked and send out to people, in order of the 4k unit s'more or less' (multiple people doing packing.. do you think they have a single mailout list, or do they break the list up into lots and each person gets a lot?)

So you might get device #500 shipped, then device #3500; they're the same batch, and probably all made the same day, but the order each unit will be shipped is probably completely random.

If you just want to know what number you're in, you're in _BATCH ONE_. Knowing a more granular number.. if you got unit #3500 won't tell you what order in the line you were in, and really if you need to know that bad _After the fact_, then your ego is too fragile :) I can see some curiousity to knowing before they ship, but in practice I think the units will all ship in a few days so that order doesn't matter too much; but once you get it in your hands, does it matter?


I suppose they could run a single-source-of-printout stickers, with the 'shipping number' on it; I doubt any consumer electronics do that, but painintgs and arts often do (when their total run is like 50 or 100 units.) But this in no way correlates to 'manufactured serial number'.
keaft said:
yeah that's a good question. Will there be a serial number? It just so happens that I had my Nintendo DS stolen from me, but I had the serial number so I was able to get it back for free from a pawn shop.

Pawn shops are required by law to retrieve the serial number of a product and give it to the police to put in their database. Should someone call up and say I'm missing this with this serial number they check up on it in the database.
who steals DS's these days...

oh well my lunch on school got stolen about half a year ago.
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GizmoTheGreen said:
Im thinking he means more like an I.D?

to say, lock a license for an app to a specific Pandora "console".

yes, thats what I mean.
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