Sdcard Won't Run Any Exes


Still Fresh
Mar 4, 2010

I've just got my Pandora and am impressed with a lot of the features and build quality but I cannot run any PNDs from SDCards, I've downloaded some test PNDs to the Pandora directly and can run them from the desktop but if download from the PC onto the SDCards or even copy them from the Pandoras internal memory to the SDCard they don't run.

To top it off if I copy them back to the internal memory from the SDCard and run from the desktop again it no longer works ? I've tried this with 2 separate SDCards and get the same result.

Do I have to format the cards through linux only (currenly I'm doing FAT32), or can they only store data (MP3s/AVI work fine) ?

Thanks in Advance

make sure your PNDs are in the "pandora\menu" or "pandora\desktop" folders (you need to create these). This will put icons for the apps in the menu or desktop respectively.