Screen Calibration


Still Fresh
Jun 10, 2008
I finally have my Pandoras (yes two, yeah me :) ) on one of the I have calibrated the screen multiple times but every time after the reboot the touch screen is not accurate. The left side of the screen is accurate but as I slide the pointer across the screen the further right I move the stylus the more out of precision it is. It is as if the ratio is incorrect.

Any suggestions or should I get an RMA.
If there's an older firmware on it (no idea which one you got), there was a bug where it didn't save the calibration data... :)

Might be you have an older version there. Try to install the latest Hotfix or reflash with the latest image.
Check, will do, done, hot fix 3 updated u-boot.bin. Update 4 replaced u-boot.bin and the OS at least it looked like it, the final screen showed uboot.bin and os were all ready up to date. Anyhow that fixed it.

Great job on the Pandora Craig, Faith and EvilDragon, I searched first but screen calibration had not been mentioned in this forum?