Rock solid battery and MicroUSB-Port


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Oct 6, 2008
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One more question: How vibration motor is connected to PCB? I've seen it in movie from prototype production.
Won't soldering it decrease life of PCB? I think about vibrations going to PCB. While repairing electronic devices I found new soldering alloy likes to "grow horns" in vibration conditions. I don't know how to call it and why it happens, but I've seen many electronic devices and these manufactured in last 8-10 years had spikes protruding from solders when they were used in vibration.
To my knowledge, that phenominon is known as 'tin whiskers' and it's been a problem since we started formulating non-lead-based solders. All lead-free solders will do it to a greater or lesser extent AFAIK.

I wasn't aware that vibration accelerated their growth, but that does make some sense. I'd hope with the Pyra that assuming the whiskers grow perpendicularish to the surface they grow out of, there's nothing on the Pyra board they're likely to be able to short out in a good few years (by which time hopefully we'll have replacement boards with USB-C and other new cool gubbins on), and even if they do short out I'd expect the most common failure mode is the vibration motor shorting out the system and taking it down when activated. A repairer should notice the problem and be able to trim the offending whiskers.


May 7, 2014
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