Release RickyD - A Rick Dangerous clone

Ok, I'll look at the code and I'll write the author also about this "Stick Issue".
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The version on the repo. I wrote to the author about the stick, and voilà, a new version with functionning stick (was only used on Rick 2 levels to switch the switches).

Build 03


  • The Stick is now functionnal. You can make the bat fly, or stun some enemies with it (not the mummy).
  • A bug in Level 1 Sublevel 6 has been fixed (it was impossible to exit the sublevel, with moving block and the 2 switches).
  • Thanks to the author, Paulo Assis, for all thoses improvements and corrections.
sounds like a good remake, I'll give it a try.

Now, who's up for merging sdl-omap into SDL 2 ?  :)
New build on the repo, with C4A Functionnalities!

You need to first create a profile with the Compo4All PND to be able to submit your scores.

Build 04

  • Now with Compo4All! Use the "RickyD C4A" launcher to have your score (silently) submited to leaderboard.
  • Recompiled some parts, should be faster. Also, put an Overclock of 800Mhz in the PXML.
New build on the repo. Just updated to latest source.

Note, I have noticed that SDL2 doesn't like the updated drivers... I haven't tried to fix that yet.

Build 05


  • Updated to latest code. There were many update in rick2 levels.
New build on the repo. The little chiptune when passing checkpoint is here now !

Build 06


  • Updated to latest code. There were many update in rick2 levels and there is the chiptune when passing checkpoint!
New build on the repo, using updated SDL 2.0.1 (I had to add a keymap for Pandora, I'll post the files later), and unlocked first level of Rick2, so you can now start Rick1 or Rick2 with this game :)

Build 07


  • Updated to latest code.
  • Unlocked first level of Rick2
  • Use new SDL 2.0.1
New build. The EGL Context is compatible with lastest video drivers for the Gigahertz model.

Build 08


  • Updated to latest code.
  • Compatible with latest SGX Video Drivers
Just tested this on my pandora (600 MHz model clocked @ 800 MHz) and it runs rather slow compared to xrick.
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New build. With Fusilli client from @Ziz for offline scoring and SDL2 using glshim (it seems faster to me).

Build 10


  • Updated to latest code.
  • Use Fusilli client, with cached score (offline play)
  • SDL2 is using glshim now (seems faster)
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New build with updated fuzilli client that fix issue with large score cache

Build 11


  • Updated Fusilli client from Ziz, with fixed cached upload for large cache