Repo Idea: Private Distribution


DNF (Did Not Finish)
Apr 25, 2011
I was wondering if we could have something in the repo that let's you assign users who can download your app. I'm assuming the rules are basically there with whether a user has paid for commercial apps.

Basically, my TwitchBox PND is in the repo, but it's disabled, it would be pretty nice that you could assign beta testers, who, if they've put their api key in the PND manager, would be able to download and update, whilst regular users won't be able to see it until it's switched back to a public view.

There is a way around this ... Sort of, add the beta testers as maintainers of the app and they will be able to access it regardless of its disabled status.
Make it a paid application for $1'000'000 and then gift it to people? Is that a thing that can be done?