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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Reicast, an opensource Sega Dreamcast emulator

I used an source (0.8.1) for this build. I don't know if later sources are still as fast as this one. I'll try to update the source a bit later.
This version is quite a minimum release. It use zenity dialog for the Rom/Disc selection at start (similar to the Pandora release). Contro use the Pyra in "joystick" mode, and disable the mouse. Keymap should be straight forward. You will probably need Dreamcast BIOS also for this one, the integrated Bios is not enough for most games.
Use "c" to toggle the stat info on top of the screen.

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Using old 0.8.1 sources

Attached is the diff I used for the Pyra build. I use commit 6ad13268fd706b05f3a89ffa160d27c5d81a49ff as a base. Like with doom3, it's a highly "WIP" diff, with many experiments still present, not all usefull or working. I used the cmake project, with USE_ALSA, USE_GLES, USE_JOYSTICK, USE_PYRA and USE_REND to ON.


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Huy, now whe have one of the Reasons for me for the Pyra: I know whe had Dreamcast also on Pandora, but as i had only this poor CC Unit, i ditnt want to play it on the Pandora..
This will be the first new System for me on the Pyra.. i wonder if my Roms work..
Mybe i will get the chance to show it tomorrow on a new Video..
The Problem is i have to that many hours a week for videos, so one DBP per Day might be a bit too much to show...
If someone else whit a Pyra and a Tripod and a Phone could please also make some of the DBPs on a Video?? Its not that divicult: Im Introverted and my English is awefull..
Did a verry Quick Test: I wonder where to put the Bios Files, i read the Window which came on first start, but cant remember it..
Sega Smashpack (a Collection on old Sega Games (Collums etc), ), Soul Calibur, seems to run, allthough i ditnt had the time for a bigger test run..
Some Games show the Sega Dreamcast Start Screen, but ditnt load up, like 18 Wheeler or 4 x 4 Evo, i will make some tests this evening.. , and then put the Pyra on USB Charger..
YAY! This will be a new console for me too. I intend to have no overlapping emulators across platforms (rpi, zaurus, pyra). the other console I am excited to try is Nintendo 64.
I found a key which let me change the Display mhz, so some games runs after this change, but i dont know which key it was..
tomorow will be my big test, and maybe video..
But seems like the Emulator needs a lot of current from the batterie...
I made some more tests yesterday, whit Headphones (since my Airpods are broken, and the JBL Live Plus TWL require an App or something to get connectet, i have wirred headphones again on the Pyra..)
The sound is sometimes a bit off, could be an issue whit the Sound Software, or the Pyra needs to many power for booth tasks.. (running Dreamcast Games and playing sound)..
Some games dosnt work (4 x 4 evo, 18 wheeler), some dosnt show of in the folder, mybe the ending isnt right, others work..
i think i will put the working games in an new folder on the Pyra2 SD Card and show them maybe this afternoon on a new video..
i dont have that many Dreamcast Games, but the working one are also good

I wonder: Was the Dreamcast in competition to the PS2 or the PS1 ?
Sega's competitor to the PS1 was the Saturn. The Dreamcast was in the same generation as the PS2 but it came out more than one year earlier.
Thanks, so this should answer why the Playstation 1 was running quite well, but i let my fingers from the Dreamcast Emulation on the Pandora..
Some of the Games look quite good..
Well, console generation is not the only criteria to know if it runs well, for example the Saturn and PS3 are usually more difficult to emulate than other machines that were sold on the same time slot.
I'm waiting for my Pyra. Someone have tested Sonic Adventure for reicast? Performance? I've preordered Pyra to play my Dreamcast on my pockets! :-D
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I never used this emulator before, how does it deal with the LCD (mini-)games for the gamepad ?
I don't remember any dreamcast games where the functionality of the VMUs was essential to gameplay. Sometimes that had an independent tamagotchi type thing on them, but I don't even remember if that won you anything in game.