Razer's OSVR - Open Source Virtual Reality Platfrom.


Dec 23, 2008
A few days ago i found this online:

Didn't find any specifications yet, but as far as i understood, it's some sort of an open software platform that focuses on providing a unified standart for VR hardware and software (mostly games).

So in other words (again, as far as i understood it), it's kind of like an open source Steam and Steamworks for VR, only with more of a reach for hardware and software development.

Now personally i can't bring myself to think much of it at the momemnt as the VR market is still rising, there's barely any headsets available that aren't dev kit or any software that's not mostly a demo. But as the concept did sound interesting, i decided to share anyway.

So does anyone happend to have any interesting thoughts about this? any possibilities for a PyraVR maybe? ;)
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maybe it could be connected via HDMI to the pyra ^^ 

Best setup to watch 3D cinema Movies on the go. I would love to this on longer flights.
It’s all about the games.
I know that's the marketing spin, but I honestly wish they wouldn't. VR opens the doors to so much, why limit yourself to just games?
Naturally something like VR will grow beyond just games regardless of marketing schemes, but then again, some nowadays regard video games as not just games anymore. There's people who call the software an "Interactive Experience" instead, so perhaps when they say "games" they also include any VR software that deviates from what's commonly still classified as a "game".
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OSVR seems to have been ticking over in the background nicely: https://github.com/OSVR/OSVR-Core/graphs/contributors

The core package you can see there has gone increasingly quiet since around this time last year, but I guess that means most of the big bugs have been squished. There are other projects if you skip back to the OSVR user, but I've not really looked at them. As for what you can actually do with this stuff, I've no idea - it doesn't interest me at all.
My brother has the Razer-branded (it's an open standard, Razer is one manufacturer) OSVR since quite some time, but he never really figured out how to make it work. :oops:
Sometime I might give it a shot. If it works fine, I might post some first impressions. The only headset I've tried is a DK1 Oculus Rift, but it was pretty nice already.

Edit : forgot to add that AFAIK, Valve is a big supporter as well, adding quite a lot to the game compatibility through support for their SteamVR library.
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