Open GL ES 2 open source apps - where are they?


Jan 21, 2006
As some of you who have read my first thread on the Pandora boards will know, I've been hunting high and low for a single useful app, fun game or emu that will take advantage of the OGL ES2 support offered by my Pandaboard, which is obviously a close cousin hardware and software wise to the Pandora (even the names share the first 4 letters goddamit! :) but I haven't found ANYTHING other than crappy, basic OGL ES2 demos so far so I'm hoping someone on these forums may be able to enlighten me?

What I've checked out so far:

PCSX reARMed - WIP - see my other thread on this board. notaz says the OGLES support is buggy but at least I may get to use my NEON extensions soon if notaz can help me get this running.

mupen64plus-arm - Cannot find source anywhere, git repo seems to have disappeared too

KDE/ kwin compositing - OGL but no OGLES under Precise - stuck with xrender software rendering for desktop FX

ioquake3 / openarena - Nope

nexuiz - nope

xonotic - not tried compiling this yet - no response off them in irc

Super Geometry Dust - Wermy sells this for iOS so won't be open sourcing it any time soon

I know there is a Doom 3 port to OGLES2 in progress but there's no way thats going to run acceptably on the Pandaboard - I dunno what his target platform is for this as really you need a desktop-class machine for Doom 3 where you will also most likely have proper OGL 2 or higher.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Thanks for the link Wally but I can't see that being much use until I get a hold of the mythical mupen64plus-arm source. You have inspired me to write to the maintainer of that plugin though as he'd be a good candidate for someone who may have it.

The N64 CPU was about 3x the speed of the PSX one and seeing how fast regular PCSXr emulates a PSX on my Panda (ie no ARM dynarec core) etc I don't think there is much point in me trying to get regular mupen64plus to compile - I did have a quick try but as soon as it complained saying it didn't support ARM CPUs I stopped right there for the just discussed reasons.
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Are you looking for GL ES 2.0 demo code? Of any variety, or stuff in general?

Well, has tons of stuff:

Lots of demos, look for wakebreaker (I already ported it to PandoraOS, though its GLES1.1 so never mind), dancing flora, and glEffects .. these can also be easily ported to Pandora.

And, last but not least, searching for "GLES 2.0" on yields so many interesting projects, nobody will have time to read opb forums no mo', tee hee ..
Hi Torpor!

What I'm hoping to find is some decent looking, open source ES 2 games. A Dreamcast ARM/ES2 emu would be fantastic but I think one of you would've mentioned that if it existed.

If there are no open source ES2 games (I've found Q3 ES2 for Pandora but I'd need to compile GCC 2.95 before I can try compiling that apparently) then I suppose ES1.1 will have to do, like wakebreaker. I had been on the Khronos GLES page but I hadn't seen the site you linked too. I downloaded wakebreaker- the zip contained the C source and an exe but no Makefile nor build instructions so my quest continues unless torpor can tell me how to build it?

The github search isn't much cop really as you can only refine your search by language used, not by platform nor app category etc so you get 1000's of irrelevant results.

I downloaded the xonotic source yesterday and looking at its makefile it would appear to only support GLX so no go there.

I know that the iOS and Android 2.2+ devices uses GLES 2 and they've got 100's/1000's of games available so surely there must be some that are open source and will compile on a Pand device?
danboid: you can find Pandora Wakebreaker (my port) here:

This includes the modified sources and Makefile which you can use to build Wakebreaker *ON* your Pandora, with the CDEVTOOLS.pnd installed and in use. Shows you how to make a GLES1.1-based game, using the Pandora itself to do development. Also, a compiled binary is included on that site as well. Be forewarned: its not a very exciting game! BUT it does show you how to do it, and some enterprising hacker might be inspired to modify Wakebreaker and turn it into something else entirely - should be quite feasible, in fact. (See game.cpp for most of the functionality)

The github search isn't much cop really as you can only refine your search by language used, not by platform nor app category etc so you get 1000's of irrelevant results.

Well .. every search that I performed for the string "#include <GL/GLES.h>" turned out to be *quite* interesting, actually .. ;)

I know that the iOS and Android 2.2+ devices uses GLES 2 and they've got 100's/1000's of games available so surely there must be some that are open source and will compile on a Pand device?

Yup. Give it a bit more effort, I'm sure there's stuff out there that would be of interest in this department...
I've made some progress now as I have at least seen my Pandaboards hardware GL ES 2 support working thanks to glmark2-es2 which is in the Ubuntu repos.


I downloaded your source archive Torpor. I've got a little bit further than with the original source as at least you had the decency to include a Linux Makefile but its still no go:

~/src/PandoraWakeBreaker_1.0.0$ make

g++ -c -g -fomit-frame-pointer -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfpu=neon -I/usr/include/ Camera.cpp -lGLES_CM -lm -lSDL -lX11 -lpvrPVR2D_X11WSEGL -lSDL_ttf -o Camera.o

In file included from Math.h:14:0,

from Vector3.h:4,

from Camera.h:4,

from Camera.cpp:1:

Base.h:4:17: fatal error: bfd.h: No such file or directory

compilation terminated.

make: *** [Camera.o] Error 1

On top of that I see you link to a library called pvrPVR2D_X11WSEGL which I'm not sure I'll be able to use on the Pandaboard.

If you have any suggestions for quick and easy fixes for getting Wakebreaker to compile I'll give them a go but its not worth us spending much time on what is a basic game demo and its not even ES 2 at that which is what I'm really after here.

So, it looks like all I'm left with is whatever the best iD titles that have been ported to Pandora/ ARM / ES 2 that have source available. I have just tried downloading and compiling the source for a Pandora Q3 port from here:

The build instructions say you need to build it with cons and he claims he's included the correct version with the source but that is not so. So, I installed cons from the buntu repo and all I get is:

~/src/quake3_pandora_gles/code/unix$ cons -- gcc

Ignoring missing script "Construct" at /usr/bin/cons line 720.

Is this the best Pandora Q3 ES2 port (with source available)?
Yes I'm aware of the Doom 3 port to GLES 2 but does Pickle expect he'll be able to get 30 fps or thereabouts on the (600Mhz) Pandora? We've got more chance on the 1Ghz Pandoras or Pandaboards but still - will it be playable when its done?
danboid: bfd.h is in binutils-dev .. which you should be able to easily install on your Pandaboard. As for pvrPVR2D_X11WSEGL, you need to link to whatever the PVR libs are on Pandaboards' OS, of course ..

Well, I still haven't got any GLES 2 games running on my Panda just yet but I am happy to report I have at least got a couple of OGLES 1 accelerated, commercial quality games running very nicely on my Pandaboard - namely Descent 1 and 2 via d1x and d2x rebirth:


As I say on the dxx forum, my next mission is to get Q3 w/ GLES 2 running. I've had no response from cpasjuste wrt his Pandora Q3 port and I've already got to the linking stage of compiling the RPi Q3 available from which would seem even better suited to the Panda than the Pandora port.

Thanks for the tips torpor and mcobit!


I've also been informed that the prob is that KDE in buntu, even on ARM, has the kwin compositing plugin compiled with OGL instead of OGLES support by default so I should be able to get that working too apparently, just don't fancy recompiling KDE that much right now.
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I'm having trouble finding any source to your or any other GLES port of rrootage - I'd like to try compiling that on Panda please!

Have none of Kenta Cho's other games had the GLES treatment (except noiz2a) yet? gunroar and mu-cade are my faves