Open Source Home Console Anyone


Dec 8, 2005
New York, New York
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Ok so I was thinking, open source portable devices are really cool, but what about a well designed open source home console.

Before people start saying "any idiot can make their own pc or htpc" the truth is it lacks standardization as well as the console-ish feel.

This is sort of what I'm talking about: except that they're kind of going in a weird direction.

I'm thinking something like a hacked xbox but with a lot more power (Potentially with the power to even emulate ps2), very compact and sleek, able to play any video format, a decent possibly onboard graphics card, bluetooth or wireless controllers, a dvd or blu-ray, but most importantly a standard and good user interface that doesn't require crazy installations or a keyboard and mouse.

Any thoughts?
Here's what you do ...

Bolt a pandora to a table with an external HD, PS3 controllers, etc.

There you have it. An Open Source Home Console.

Or wait for the 'official' Pandora console to arrive, just a couple of months later ;)