Open source Beverages


Dec 23, 2008
I've stumbled upon this one fun thing the other day.

Apperantly there's open soruce recepies for beverages like cola and beer relesed under the GPL and CC licenses.

thought brewing beer is not that uncommon, i found this being quite.. interesting of sort.

So due to this community revolving around open soruce software among other things, i was wondering if anybody here was aware of these recepies and well just maybe attempted to experiment? or maybe even managed to create a pandacoke of some sort?
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My friend was going to a Linux and comic book convention in Detroit. Two of the events were OpenCola brewing and making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, but I ended up not going.
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What's next? An Open Shoe Box?
Sure hope there isn't any open source guns.

Wish i had the time and ingridants, would take a shot at experimenting with this and if i could assure it won't poison/kill anyone, maybe even use the by-product to support the Pandora or something..
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There are loads of µbreweries in Belgium, but they usually don't share their recipes.

If I had the tools and the ingredients I would give a shot at making the freebeer
Well, i guess that explains the ~150 countries manifacturing the rifle.