Question About Snespsp Tyl 4.0



Um, am I doing something wrong here? It seems very slow on some games, most noticeably Donkey Kong Country.

Also, in E.V.O., the transparencies are a little goofy ...
Are you running it at 333mhz? You pretty much have to. Even if you do, the emulator's still a bit slow. I don't really get all the excitement about it. I think the other SNES emu on PSP (can't think of the name...) actually runs better.
There's another SNES emu?

DKC is slow for me too, but if you mess around with the settings you can get it just about playable. I was pretty disappointed with this too, for some reason I was expecting full speed Starfox :p
I have it running pretty well on snes9xtyl 0.4.2 @ 300MHz. I use the PSP "accel. + accur. soft." as the engine. It's pretty good at frameskip 1 in most areas. The speed with frameskip 2 is a bit more consistent.
I knew there was another SNES emu I used to use! :D

Try Unofficial SNES9x. I think it's a lot faster than SNES TYL (be sure to change settings by pressing analog left... settings can be saved under "Sub-Menu") and there are far fewer graphic glitches.

I remember playing practically to the end of Super Mario RPG and part way through Tales of Phantasia with it. If I remember correctly, saves can be transfered from the PC SNES9x, too. B)